Interesting books in my stack

I get about ten books sent to me every week. I'm a slow reader, so I can't begin to get to them all. But I keep the ones that I hope to get to some day. Here are a few interesting ones in my ready-to-topple-over reading stack:

200809191432.jpg Teeny Bikini #4, by Robert Ullman. I actually did read this one already. It was easy, because it doesn't have any words, just wonderful little pencil sketches of cartoon cuties. I didn't see Issue #4 for sale on Rob's site, but you can buy earlier volumes there, along with other books and stickers.

200809191436.jpgPorn Soup, by Paul Krassner. This anthology of sex-related essays were written by Paul Krassner, the founder of The Realist and one of my cultural heroes. I've read a few of the pieces in here, and they're funny, profound, and revealing, which is what I've come to expect from Paul.
Essays include: Susie Bright Interviews Paul Krassner, Lenny Bruce Meets Blow Job Betty, In Praise of Indecency Masturbation Helper, The Man Behind The Aristocrats, Showing Pink, Pee-Wee Herman Meets Pete Townshend, Satirical Prophecy, The Marriage of Hip-Hop and Pornography, Porn and the Manson Murders, Rape and Porn, Bizarre Sexually Oriented Spam Subject Lines, Meet an FBI Porn Squad Agent, Remembering Pubic Hair, The Taste of Sperm, Disinformation Porn, Hobo Sex and Crack Whore Confessions, Eating Shit for Fun and Profit, Porn Dogs, "I Fuck Dead People," Porn Provides Product Placement, Addicted to Porn, Women and Porn.

200809191442.jpg Boy's Club 2, by Matt Furie. A comic book about the non-adventures of four post-adolescent, near-imbecilic, prank-playing, dope-smoking humanimals. I expect Judd Apatow will option this.


Doctor Olaf van Schuler's Brain, by Kirsten Menger-Anderson. I haven't started this novel, but it looks promising. The inside flap copy says it's about several generations of peculiar medical doctors, whose techniques involve spontaneous combustion, animal magnetism, phrenology, and lobotomies. I'm going to sneak this one higher up on my stack.

200809191506.jpg Porn & Pong: How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and other Sexy Games Changed Our Culture, by Damon Brown. This one has a cover by our pal Coop, and was published by our pals at Feral House. Looking forward to reading this one, too. From the jacket copy: When the VCR first became commonly available, and the modern porn industry’s sales skyrocketed, Atari systems, with their phallic joysticks, also seized the American mind. In Porn and Pong, Playboy journalist Damon Brown reveals how these businesses have blossomed, intersected and affected our culture.