Shark/dismembered bodies cupcakes


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  1. mdh says:

    What, no sneakers? no cupcake B.C. beaches?

  2. midknyte says:

    for those with weaker constitutions, here’s yer chaser

  3. Doctor Popular says:

    Most cupcakes have totally jumped the shark.. These ones just didn’t make it.
    Check out our Cupcakes Jumped The Shark illustrations:

  4. Erica Asahan says:

    Erica Asahan wrote:

    First I’d remove all the icing then, I will eat all of them! This photo gave me an idea for my Holloween Party treats! Thanks !

  5. shutz says:

    This reminds me of:
    Cake Wrecks

    The cakes on that site are like gruesome traffic accidents: you don’t want to look, but you somehow feel compelled to stare.

  6. drkptt says:

    A couple of years ago I saw this cute recipe for Cream Cheese Penguins.

    I didn’t think they were manly enought to take to a Super Bowl party so I made an Eggplant Orca.

  7. imag says:

    Really they should show the dismembered bodies of the sharks that get finned.

    If you all haven’t seen Sharkwater, it’s an eye-opener. We’re killing hundreds of millions of sharks for fins alone and letting them slide, mutilated, back into the ocean.

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