Dollar bill origami animals


Joe Dolce sent me a bunch of dollar bill origami animal photos. I like the way the designs on the bill were used to make faces. The Art Of Moneygami


  1. Yikes, I’m all dizzy-like.

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  3. Once when I was in Kauai, I had breakfast at a small local diner called Mama’s – not a tourist spot but very good Hawaiian ‘plates’ made by Mama herself, a little old lady who was the only person working. There was a frog theme to the decor, and when she brought us our change she had made the dollar bills into origami frogs. My wife and I were really impressed by this sweet touch, and I started developing a theory that any restaurant named Mama’s has to be good. I have yet to find an exception to that rule.

  4. I’ve only found one so-so picture online, but the Clydesdale bank in Scotland used Origami money in some advertising a little while ago. There was more than just this one note, but a quick web-scouring didn’t turn them up for me.

    [Clydesdale bank is one of the three issuing banks in Scotland. It was kind of cool to see an advert for their bank using their own bank notes with the bank’s name on, then turned into animals.]

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