Video about Tarvusim

Jesse Thorn says:
This is the new project from the guys who invented "Look Around You," Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz. It's a religion/television program called Tarvu.

They're working on an Adult Swim series right now.

Say 'Hebbo' to Tarvuism!


  1. anyone know why boing boing is slow as fudge today?

    any other site is greased lightning, but this site, all day, slow is molasses.

    how am i supposed to procrastinate??

  2. I have been talking to the one true octopus long before these noobs. I am better than you, and better than the people that are better than you.

    PS thanks for the coffee on my monitor, great vid.

  3. These people want to teach Octopusology in public schools, with the rationale that it contends with the theory of Manyleggolution for how and why everything is here. Are these people insane or just stupid? Anybody with half a brain knows that Manyleggolution is the only right answer. Why, they ask? Because. That’s why. I’m sick of them and they should all die horrible deaths, drowning while on fire.

  4. The infant was the best part. Second place goes to the varied capitalization of words for emphasis.

  5. Tarvuism, not tarvusim! A thousand funmartyns are now breakdancing in their graves because of this, oh humanity!

  6. Tarvu, Tarvooti, Oboono cTooti, Mimmin, O’Tibbi noonah, MdFitty fitty noonah, Arvu, immintiBarvu, Tarvu.

    (I’m not going to ~say~ it until I find out how easy it is to ~leave~)

  7. I love this, almost a direct parody of some of the $cieno propaganda I have seen.

    @17 Sumi: Regarding the neckties, I cannot say this group was attempting to parody another cult purposely but one of the LGATs (Large Group Awareness Trainings, which are called by some “non religious cults”) called NXIVM (formerly known as Executive Success Programs) developed by Keith Raniere, use a neckerchief/necktie method to show ‘rank’… they also have a specific handshake showing superior/inferior, you connect your right hands like a regular shake, but if shaking the hand of a superior you put your left hand under and they put their left hand over, vice versa of course if the person your shaking with is an inferior.

  8. Unfortunately, Tarvusit leaders shelter and protect their priests when they are accused of tentacle raping young boys…

  9. I apologise for the intrusion Takuan, but just how many limbs do you have? (I have 4, in varying degrees of decay…)

  10. Am wondering if Tarvu is really in universe A. As a recent Tarvuist, I’m starting to feel that anything is possible/impossible…

  11. Bah! I refuse to be a part of any organization that would have me as a member, and considering how easy it is to join, I can be sure the chabbernaggle would be filled to capacity with all my annoying jerk-ass neighbors discussing “fantasy football” and how “Dual Action Cleanse really improved their bowel movements.”

    Besides, I was born a snake-handler, I’ll die a snake-handler (probably sooner rather than later, now that I think about it.)

  12. From the octo’s beak: “# Why do Tarvuist women wear neckties?

    It is traditional for women to wear neckties, in particular, gold coloured ones on high holy days. This practice is very old, and stems from Tarvu’s beautiful wife, Binni, who wore a gold-coloured piece of cord around her neck on the day of their wedding. (Amzamiviram was best man and the party got through over 500 chicken legs).”

    All hail Discordia!

  13. I was wondering more about the promotional video being like promotional videos for Scientology. My guess is that it’s spot on.

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