Boing Boing tv: Cafe Tacvba -- Interview and Performance (Music)


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  1. pospam says:

    The tacvbas are as you well said our Radiohead.
    Constant evolution of their music without loosing their characteristic sound. People that want to learn more about them can always buy their unplugged.


  2. gATO says:

    One of my fondest concert memories comes from a Cafe Tacuba show around 1995. They were about to play their song “El Borrego”, which is a sort of fast industrial-hardcore punk song; the guitar player had just barely strummed the first note, when an 8-meter wide mosh pit formed, instantly! Everybody knew what was coming, heh! Of course, I jumped into the pit, headbanging, arms flailing like a madman… with my eyes half closed. After a few seconds of fury, I stopped to sort of re-orient myself, and I realized I had reached the edge of the moshpit and was about to crush two young girls, barely on their teens. The horrified look on their faces was priceless!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When I lived in Chile for a few years in the late nineties… the most popular bands were Cafe Tacuba, Los Arteciopelados,. Sui Generis, La Ley, Los Tres and one of my favorites.. soda stereo.

    All of these bands are amazing.. check out all of them.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Wonderful band! I live in Argentina and I’m delighted to seen the featured on Boing Boing.

    Check all their music and other group on their style that is missing on thegreat list that the first commenter did is be “Fabulosos Cadillacs”. check the also…

    Latin culture has so much to offer…

  5. Nawel says:

    ha! nice story.

    the Radiohead of Mexico? Mmm, these guys are certainly happier than Thom Yorke!
    But I get the idea :)

    I use to like them a lot. They have a very powerful live show, and they have come a long way since their beginning, always mutating. Good to see them here.

    Funny that some of you mentioned Los Tres, ’cause Cafe Tacuba have a 4 song EP tribute to Los tres.

    And Los Prisioneros… well, it was my first favorite band and probably my first rock concert ever.

  6. TKendo says:

    A huevo!!!

    Thank you BB. First the time lapse effect video from Keith Loutit featuring Sonido Lasser´s music, now Cafe Tacuba. Wow! Mexican bands on win.

    If you´re into their music some other recommnedations are Kinky and Colectivo Nortec.

    Camara, pivote y rin desde Cochambre City.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ooops! one more band that was awesome.. Los Prisioneros!

    They had a huge hit called “we are sudamerican rockers!”

  8. dofnup says:

    Yesss!!! Thank you thank you for bringing our beloved tacubos to the BB masses!!! It’s about time more people were privy to their awesomeness!!

    I’ve seen them live thrice now and it’s always a great show. The unplugged is good, but Re and Cuatro Caminos are also highly recommended!

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