Liz McGrath art show in Barcelona

 Images Tears Of The Crocodile:Iguapop Lion-2
Freakishly talented L.A. artist Liz McGrath has a new exhibition of her phantasmagorical sculptures and watercolors opening Thursday, October 23, at the IguapopGallery in Barcelona, Spain. The show, titled "Tears of the Crocodile," runs through November 23. Liz sent me a (no longer) secret link to the exhibition preview. I think it's a jaw-droppingly beautiful body of work. Liz Mcgrath preview

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  1. I really really like this work.

    I’m not a huge fan of most of the art I see coming through BoingBoing, but this one stopped me in my tracks.

    Thanks for posting it.

  2. I was actually introduced to her work just yesterday, through that post about Chris Berens: She was featured in the same Hi Fructose issue. Awesome work! So creative and detailed, it’s mind boggling.

    (Why do I hit Boing Boing when I need to get some work done: I’ve spent over an hour on artsy eye-candy already!! Must… look… away)

  3. Thanks, all! I’m glad you’re digging Liz’s work. And JBETTINESKI @3, that’s the beauty of the blog. If one post doesn’t interest you, it’s easy to keep scrolling and I’d wager you’ll come across one that catches your eye.

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