Liz McGrath art show in Barcelona


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  1. jbettineski says:

    I really really like this work.

    I’m not a huge fan of most of the art I see coming through BoingBoing, but this one stopped me in my tracks.

    Thanks for posting it.

  2. Sekino says:

    I was actually introduced to her work just yesterday, through that post about Chris Berens: She was featured in the same Hi Fructose issue. Awesome work! So creative and detailed, it’s mind boggling.

    (Why do I hit Boing Boing when I need to get some work done: I’ve spent over an hour on artsy eye-candy already!! Must… look… away)

  3. David Pescovitz says:

    Thanks, all! I’m glad you’re digging Liz’s work. And JBETTINESKI @3, that’s the beauty of the blog. If one post doesn’t interest you, it’s easy to keep scrolling and I’d wager you’ll come across one that catches your eye.

  4. Bonnie says:

    LOVE Liz’s work! I have a flick set of her past work for those of you who want to check it out:

  5. PlushieSchwartz says:

    I wonder if she does costumes.

  6. David Pescovitz says:

    I think so! She wears amazing outfits when she has openings and in performance with her band Miss Derringer.

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