Pile of Suitcases wardrobe


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  1. Cloudform says:

    Reminiscent of Droog’s “You Can’t Lay Down Your Memory” from 1991–nice idea but agree it would be more interesting if each piece was more usable as a modern, ready-to-get-ripped-up-and-shaken-about-in-mechanical-conveyances suitcase.


  2. mjbarbarino says:

    It seems to be a variation of the Japanese tansu … nice, but not that original.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to refer you to two sites that have had me drooling. I travel a lot, but can’t afford these great items:


    Just add wheels:


    I believe Vuitton still makes trunks, but I’ve been unable to find online.

  4. dotell says:

    I’d like to refer you to a site that has me drooling:


    I’m pretty sure Vuitton still makes trunks, but I’ve not found it on the web

  5. Brash Lion says:

    I’m pretty proud of this:


    I use old suitcases for bookshelves!

  6. Anonymous says:


    I wish my fellow countrymen would learn to produce something beautiful for a change.

    99% of Dutch design tends to follow a philosophy that can be summed up in one sentence: “Hey kids, let’s do something crazy!”

    So you get pieces that have their little joke:

    A wardrobe… MADE OF SUITCASES!
    A chair… PAINTED LIKE A COW!

    which is fun for twenty seconds (about the time it took to think up the original idea), and then the fun wears off and you’re left with an impractical ugly piece of furniture.

    It’s the Bigmouth Billy Bass school of design.

  7. DragonVPM says:

    It’s a neat concept but it seems like at least one of those suitcases should be designed to be detach from the unit and be usable as a real suitcase. That would add a nice dimension of utility for a necessary item that often isn’t used that much by most people.

  8. Jacquilynne says:

    Is it just me or do none of the separate pieces of that wardrobe look anything like a suitcase? 2 of them are sort of the right dimensions, but the rest are just rounded edged boxes of whatever random shape the designer decided to use.

    I don’t hate it as a piece of furniture (though that shoe box at the bottom seems to have a large amount of wasted space), but if I saw it without being told it was supposed to be suitcases, I’d certainly never imagine that was the inspiration.

  9. Jerril says:

    #2: You obviously aren’t familiar with suitcases in their many many unfasionable forms :D.

    These seem to be particularly old fashioned – I’ve only seen suitcases like these in old BBC dramas depicting WWII. I’m not sure if they’re still “in vogue” in Europe.

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