Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008

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The above photo, titled "Deadlock," landed David Maitland a 2008 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. The winners of the contest, run by the Natural History of London and BBC Wildlife Magazine, were announced last week. A photo of a snow leopard won best overall while Maitland's shot took the prize in the "Animal Behavior: All Other Animals" category. From National Geographic:
Maitland observed from midnight to 3 a.m. as a rare Morelet's tree frog doggedly refused to become supper for a cat-eyed snake--and still didn't see the conclusion.

"I would love to have seen them go their separate ways, but I was exhausted," the photographer said. "The frog was all the time trying to pull the snake off, but the snake just wouldn't let go.
Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008 Announced


  1. What’s with the frog’s eye?

    There’s a very unusual pattern there – not like any frog pupil I would expect to see.

    Anyone have any ideas – or references, or other photos – that would explain this?

  2. > There’s a very unusual pattern there – not like
    > any frog pupil I would expect to see.

    I’m guessing that you’re seeing a pattern from the nictitating membrane, a thin extra eyelid found in certain animals including frogs.


  3. I’ve had snakes and amphibians together – even if the snake doesn’t doesn’t get to eat the frog, the frog will die. :(

  4. The reptile always wins ;) – this was a forgone conclusion and any further images would have been less cool than this incredibly sweet one.

  5. My favourite is the winner of the Underwater World category – how amazing would it be to be that guy getting investigated by the whale?!

    It is also interesting to note (if you go to the NHM website) the use of simple point and shoot cameras like the Nikon Coolpix rather than expensive SLRs to capture the some of the images.

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