Awesome roth-style bubbletop custom hot rod for sale


Coop says: "Our pal Aaron Grote built this crazy thing from the rusty haunches of a '59 Plymouth. (He's already got another one in the works!) Not only is the car cool, the auction text is pretty funny, too."

Motor is a 392 Hemi, it runs and drives great and starts easily since my pals at Harrell Mfg in Rockford, IL (who will soon be making the famous Harrell heads and intakes again) took it and got it tuned in for me. It has a tubo 400 Tranny built by Midtown transmission in Eau Claire, WI. Brand New Johns Industries Posi 9 inch with their Buick style drums that I had polished (not covers) hung with adjustable coil overs and polished stainless hair pins. The front end is a chrome drilled and dropped I beam from Pete and Jakes with Wilwood discs hidden inside Obrien truckers Buick drums and backing plates. If you need to know more read the Rod and Custom magazine article. It wouldn't matter what I say about the car anyway because some goof will most certainly e-mail me without reading it anyway. Almost every nut and bolt is either chromed or polished stainless. I spent a small fortune on this car so don't call me up and expect me to end the auction early for half what I spent on the car. I don't HAVE to sell it. I don't believe all of this talk about a recession. I am coming out of the biggest recession I have ever seen after building this thing!! I can assure you though, if it sells I promise to blow most of the money on more stupid car stuff! I have contemplated moving into a bigger trailer though, and maybe one with a bon-a-fide crawlspace and foundation under it. That would make me a bit hit with all of my friends come tornado season! I would also be interested in taking partial payment in the form of Pre-war Coupe or truck projects, value to be determined before the end of the auction. I like Zephyrs, 32's, 33's, 34's, and 36's I am also interested in vintage motor bikes. I don't mind selling overseas either, but the car is being sold as is, where is and I don't want to have to transport it. Check out my other auctions and improve your lousy wardrobe with a spiffy new T-shirt!
Awesome roth-style bubbletop custom hot rod for sale


  1. Very slick. Two words of advice for bubbletop car owners: Don’t roll it in an accident, and always park it in the shade.

  2. FLASHBACK!! I built a model of one of these when I was a kid–from one those Revell plastic kits? Very cool….

  3. What a weird design. Look at the photos and tell me what it would look like from the drivers seat. That motor right in front of you is genius??? Its more like a piece of art than a mobile human transport device.

  4. schmod “How do you get in?”
    I’m guessing that the bubble hinges at the back. Or maybe at the front. Either way, you get in carefully. That paintjob alone is probably worth than whateveritis you’re driving now.

    Anonymous “Its more like a piece of art than a mobile human transport device.”
    Open headers and a bubble top would make it problematic as daily transportation. It’s one of those cars destined for a museum because it’s simply not utilitarian enough for the driveway.

  5. Well they did say Roth style. which means if it won’t go chrome it. The Roth school of hot rods were not intended to drive; they were sculptural statements. One thing I wager is the upholstery will stay clean, because you can’t get into the cockpit. If you had a pair of them it would be the world’s biggest bookends. Ya gotta love it. Sweet!

  6. The bubble opens from the back and that is how you get in. Rod and Custom Magazine did a feature on it, and it shows the talented Aaron Grote driving it

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