Man carves carrot and plays it as a clarinet

I think I wasted money buying a clarinet for my daughter's music lessons. (Thanks, Dave!)


  1. every once in a while something is posted which i can’t comment on in a constructive manner.
    yet i am still compelled to make noises simply to express my delight.
    that said ,


  2. #3 Sean O’Hagan (THE Sean O’Hagan?) I thought of Heita too. He seems like a really sweet guy on his vids.

  3. Funny you should post this – I was walking through the produce aisle this very evening, wondering what would happen if Pete Postlethwaite were genetically spliced with Patrick Stewart.

    Talk about serendipity. Freeow!

  4. It looks like an alto sax mouthpiece and sounds like one too, it would be hard to use a clarinet mouthpiece on a carrot because the opening is much larger since it fits inside the clarinet body where the alto mouthpiece tapers down.

  5. Using the clarinet mouthpiece and a reed does seem like cheating a bit. It still sounds much better than I expected though.

  6. Saw this guy (I’m 99.998% sure) performing in Shizuoka some years back. Spoke to him afterwards, and apparently he makes wind instruments for a living, so you end up with a natural sense for where the holes need to go.

  7. One would think that such a crafty fellow would be able to deinterlace his video.

    And peep the middle finger action at 3:05

    I like his song!

  8. It’s amazing that it’s so in tune.

    A friend of mine made a bunch of wind instruments (with proper mouthpieces) out of random piping, and when played together they produced “harmonies” that were … interesting.

    I think he’s practised this quite a bit.

  9. Apparently, at the end of performances by the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, the audience are served soup made from the ‘instruments’.

    Anyone who’s ever seen the drain valve opened on a brass instrument might feel a bit squeamish about eating this soup.

  10. Having built a clarinet out of copper tubing as a physics project (I calculated where the holes needed to be drilled), and also having played the E flat clarinet (supranino), I can make these observations.

    Drilling random holes in whatever cylinder isn’t going to make it in tune, and yes, the performance was in tune.

    That was no clarinet mouthpiece, not even an supranino mouth piece.

    That short of a cylinder isn’t going to play that deep. Up it an octave.

    My copper clarinet didn’t even sound close to what my real clarinet sounded like. A carrot? YKTBFKM.

  11. You definitely need a US-sized carrot to do might need to go for a Piccolo with an Italian one :D

    Alberto R.S.

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