Rudy Rucker writes about his novel Software's shot at Hollywood

Rudy Rucker has a great blog entry (an excerpt from his memoir-in-progress, Nested Scrolls) about Hollywood's 11-year-attempt to make a movie based on his novel Software, which is one of my favorite science fiction novels.
200812110946 The scripts kept getting worse—we were up to version ten before long. The film agent I was using then, Steve Freedman, told me that by now Phoenix had spent over a million dollars on test shots and discarded screenplays. I was alarmed that they’d thrown out so much money on such shit. But Steve said it was all good.

“The million dollars makes Medavoy pregnant. If he tries to back out, I say, ‘No, you’re pregnant, you’ve got to make the film.’”

I had one last meeting with Mike Medavoy. He finally wanted my advice on how to doctor the script. They flew me to LA first class, and a limo picked me up at the airport. Like so many people in LA, the driver was talking about the Business, and she was happy to hear I was going to a script meeting.

Software in Hollywood