CC licensed book uses Bauhaus to teach design software


12 Responses to “CC licensed book uses Bauhaus to teach design software”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The cover is Suprematist is influence, not Bauhaus.

  2. kaosmonkey says:

    Bela Lugosi’s not dead

  3. normd says:

    I’m just sad that the book doesn’t teach the Gimp and Inkscape……

  4. Daemon says:

    hmm. actually, my comment was directed at #2, who was #1 when i made it. I have NO idea how that happened… boing boing needs threaded comments.

  5. Daemon says:

    #1 – damn you for going there before I did…

  6. adonai says:

    I was wondering when Peter Murphy became a programmer…

  7. acb says:

    Apparently fellow 80s goth rocker Andrew Eldritch later became a journalist for a German computer magazine.

  8. acx99 says:

    #2 and #1

    Damn you both.

  9. Thorzdad says:

    #8…What? Basic design concepts don’t work in the Gimp? They may use other software as the tools, but the concepts are universal.

  10. yurei says:

    All we ever wanted was everything, all we ever got was…this book cover <_>

    *less well-known Bauhaus song

  11. Anonymous says:

    Re: #8 and #10: see
    for a translated version of the book using FLOSS software for examples (including GIMP and Inkscape)


  12. normd says:

    I simply have preferred to see other tools being used. Design concepts are independent of tools, true.

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