Boing Boing tv Best of 2008: TCHOcolate Magical Mystery Tour Trilogy


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  1. IWood says:

    And then the world ends.

  2. ben says:

    TCHO Chocolate part 3 is so amazingly entertaining. That whole interview might have been a trifle boring straight up, but add in some psychoactive undertones and holy crap that’s golden. I lol’d pretty hard at the buzzed comment, genius I say.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    I propose we start a new site, “Boing Boing: Chocolate,” and humbly volunteer to edit it.

  4. buddy66 says:

    YES!! Feel free to call on me as a volunteer tester. Anytime!

  5. OM says:

    …So is this stuff available for sale yet? I’d be curious to see if it breaks my face out like most other American-produced(*) chocolates do.

    (*) Read: contains brown dyes that recolor the chocolate after it’s had the alcohol removed because of some retarded post-Volstead Act law governing alcohol content in food. All prohibitionists will wind up in Hell, bank on it!

  6. Eddie Codel says:

    @OM: The TCHO store opened just before Christmas. Lots of goodness there now. I can’t speak to the dyes, but TCHO is organic, vegan and slave free.

  7. Antinous says:

    Is BB Chocolate being rolled out before or after BB Poultry?

  8. allwerasking says:

    This is one of the best info-pieces I have ever seen. If the chocolate is as smooth as the interviewee it is a winner!

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