Sock monkey goddess


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  1. Shrdlu says:

    I don’t usually dig this craft stuff, but that’s frickin’ cool.

    BirdbrainedBB@#2: Mother issues?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sarawati is name of Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and other arts. It is also a name of lost river.

    I find it odd that she is portrayed as monkey goddess in this sock puppet. In Indian Hindu mythological paintings she is portrayed as fair skinned lady holding a Veena (traditional musical instrument) along with a peacock.

    You can find pics and more info on Wikipedia

  3. Craigger1 says:

    OK, that’s just way too funny!

  4. icepick method says:

    Th whl fckng thng crps m t.

  5. Sekino says:

    That’s awesome! He captures the position so well (the hindu goddess’ hip-swaying).

    The happy Buddha is adorable, too!

  6. Takuan says:

    that reminds me, must get Maakies dose.

  7. birdbrainedbb says:

    I like it! But the nipples freak me out.

  8. palindrome says:

    That is one sexy sock. Er, monkey.

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