One man choral group performs the Legend of Zelda theme


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  1. weatherman says:

    The guy in the upper right is the best singer in the bunch. He should go solo and ditch the other losers.

  2. krylon says:

    augh you can’t play the music from link to the past (especially from the dark world) without totally making me miss the days when I played the game over and over trying to make sure i’d checked every nook and cranny

  3. scionofgrace says:

    The heavy emphasis on “Link to the Past” themes makes me all nostalgic. I loved that game SO MUCH.

    Great video.

  4. masterdiwa says:

    Dear Boingboing staff, thank you once again for featuring my Legend of Zelda video.

    I have a new video which I’d like to share to you, it’s my version of One Winged Angel from FF7.

  5. Chipotle says:

    #2: “ooof,from a professional violinist I would expect a better intonation…”

    If you click the link to the youtube page, he says that he is ‘a bit of a violinist’, not a professional violinist.

    You are correct to expect better intonation from a professional violinist. You are also correct to assume he is a professional violinist, because Cory quoted him as saying he is a professional violinist. I don’t know the guy updated his blurb after Cory took the snippet, or if Cory just quoted him wrongly (I’ll assume the former), but that’s the source of everyone’s confusion.

    Although I do not enjoy his intonation, I am impressed. For ‘a bit of a violinist’ (whatever that means), he’s pretty solid.

  6. Talia says:

    Reminds me of this, which I love dearly (might have been linked here before, I dont recall)

  7. Anonymous says:

    And then there’s this awesome 64 track rendition of “Thriller” that a friend just turned me onto:

  8. katamari88 says:

    lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

  9. failix says:

    The post above (#24) sums it up very well for me. That’s exactly what I would’ve said too.

  10. Frenetic says:

    Nice hats!

  11. DrSchnauzer says:

    ooof,from a professional violinist I would expect a better intonation…
    If that wasn’t in the description I would’ve said: Awesome!

  12. Joel Johnson says:

    Those themes always make me so wistful.

  13. robcat2075 says:

    screechingly painful violin.

  14. Evil Jim says:

    Except for violin it’s very nice work. Makes me nostalgic.

  15. FoetusNail says:

    Yes, he seems a bit pitchey in places, but this is fantastic! Great arrangement Diwa! Thanks for the post Cory, added to favorites and Five Full Stars!

  16. Homingpigen says:

    I can’t believe people are being so nitpicky – Pitchy? intonation off? This is creative and wonderful.

    I still say awesome!

  17. Alan says:

    It took my 14 year old son 2 seconds to recognize the song.

  18. TheBlessedBlogger says:

    I think it’s really lovely and creative. Good job Diwa :)

  19. Daemon says:

    Er… “a capella and violin” is an oxymoron. a capella means that it’s pure vocals with no intruments.

    Other that that particular nitpick… Well done, even if I don’t have the “zelda is awsome!” gene required to appreciate the choice of music.

  20. Anonymous says:

    wow, i have a large vocal range and great with synching in audacity & ableton, and never thought about this… changing clothes was a real nice touch too. i think i just found my gothic choir

  21. gadfly says:

    one man’s nitpick is another’s love for accuracy – his intonation on the violin is not that great, that doesn’t mean he’s worthless or the video sucks. in fact i think it’s pretty cool. certainly not as good as the wind waker video in post #9 but that guy doesn’t play any fretless string instruments. and being a guitar player who’s recently taken up the fiddle, i can attest to the truly maddening difficulty of good intonation.

  22. pinehead says:

    Quick! Everybody start bitching! We need more criticism over here! :O

    Like Joel said, stuff like this makes me wistful. That was a cool arrangement, Mr. de Leon.

  23. Takuan says:

    don’t nitpick, it’s sweet and good. I really like #9 too!

  24. JArmstrong says:

    This is a really wonderful thing you have here in your directory! Oh, the long nights… and days…

  25. PaulR says:

    Daemon @ 8:

    I came here to say the same thing, but then I realized that the four voices and violin are the same person. So when the voices were recorded, they each were a capella.

    Well done!

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