One man choral group performs the Legend of Zelda theme

A reader writes, "Filipino composer and gamer Diwa De Leon performs a five man a-capella and violin of the themes from Legend of Zelda."

This is my own rendition of the themes from Legend of Zelda game composed by Koji Kondo. Most of my picks came from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past originally for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

I'm a professional composer, arranger and violinist, and cosplaying is one of my hobbies as well as playing video game music just for fun.

Legend of Zelda medley - A Capella Voices and Violin


  1. ooof,from a professional violinist I would expect a better intonation…
    If that wasn’t in the description I would’ve said: Awesome!

  2. Yes, he seems a bit pitchey in places, but this is fantastic! Great arrangement Diwa! Thanks for the post Cory, added to favorites and Five Full Stars!

  3. I can’t believe people are being so nitpicky – Pitchy? intonation off? This is creative and wonderful.

    I still say awesome!

  4. Er… “a capella and violin” is an oxymoron. a capella means that it’s pure vocals with no intruments.

    Other that that particular nitpick… Well done, even if I don’t have the “zelda is awsome!” gene required to appreciate the choice of music.

  5. wow, i have a large vocal range and great with synching in audacity & ableton, and never thought about this… changing clothes was a real nice touch too. i think i just found my gothic choir

  6. one man’s nitpick is another’s love for accuracy – his intonation on the violin is not that great, that doesn’t mean he’s worthless or the video sucks. in fact i think it’s pretty cool. certainly not as good as the wind waker video in post #9 but that guy doesn’t play any fretless string instruments. and being a guitar player who’s recently taken up the fiddle, i can attest to the truly maddening difficulty of good intonation.

  7. Quick! Everybody start bitching! We need more criticism over here! :O

    Like Joel said, stuff like this makes me wistful. That was a cool arrangement, Mr. de Leon.

  8. This is a really wonderful thing you have here in your directory! Oh, the long nights… and days…

  9. Daemon @ 8:

    I came here to say the same thing, but then I realized that the four voices and violin are the same person. So when the voices were recorded, they each were a capella.

    Well done!

  10. The guy in the upper right is the best singer in the bunch. He should go solo and ditch the other losers.

  11. augh you can’t play the music from link to the past (especially from the dark world) without totally making me miss the days when I played the game over and over trying to make sure i’d checked every nook and cranny

  12. The heavy emphasis on “Link to the Past” themes makes me all nostalgic. I loved that game SO MUCH.

    Great video.

  13. And then there’s this awesome 64 track rendition of “Thriller” that a friend just turned me onto:

  14. #2: “ooof,from a professional violinist I would expect a better intonation…”

    If you click the link to the youtube page, he says that he is ‘a bit of a violinist’, not a professional violinist.

    You are correct to expect better intonation from a professional violinist. You are also correct to assume he is a professional violinist, because Cory quoted him as saying he is a professional violinist. I don’t know the guy updated his blurb after Cory took the snippet, or if Cory just quoted him wrongly (I’ll assume the former), but that’s the source of everyone’s confusion.

    Although I do not enjoy his intonation, I am impressed. For ‘a bit of a violinist’ (whatever that means), he’s pretty solid.

  15. Dear Boingboing staff, thank you once again for featuring my Legend of Zelda video.

    I have a new video which I’d like to share to you, it’s my version of One Winged Angel from FF7.

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