Female Mechanics calendar: 21st century Rosie the Riveters

The Female Mechanics calendar showcases 12 woman mechanics working hard at challenging, technical jobs, looking competent, happy and awesome. Keith calls it a "21st century Rosie the Riveter calendar," and says, "I bought a copies for my daughters." Fantastic.

2009 Female Mechanics Calendar (Thanks, Keith!)


  1. It always makes me smile when I see a women on building site doing the same jobs any male would.

    Maybe one day we will just shrug something like this off noticing only the skill of the photographer, not the sex related issues of the concept.

    Browsing headlines, this caught my eye:
    Government Plan to Name and Shame ‘Sexist’ Companies.

    (Although the choice of tags really made this post for me. :D )

  2. Stab, that would be nice. Unfortunately gender roles are so ingrained in our society that a female trucker, mechanic or sportswriter is an oddity or even a joke.

    I think it will work out, though! We’re moving in the right direction: only 40 years ago it was often considered inappropriate to put women and men in the same office – bosses thought it would look like people were “fooling around.” Sigh…

  3. Wow, imagine seeing a friend of yours on boingboing over your morning coffee! Sarah is a fantastic artist and a real adventurer – we met on one of her motorcycle journeys across the US to find and photograph these women. I simply can’t say enough good things about her or her work. Bravissima!

  4. Sarah’s cool. I met her at a motorcycle shop here in Louisville, KY called Magnum Cycles. Those old school mechanics and parts guys really respect her and her work, and her calendars have been for sale there for years. Go, Sarah!

  5. As it says on the (excellent!) site Shay Guy links to above, “There’s something even better than a hot girl: a hot girl all covered in dust and sweat, climbing down a ladder, asking for a Fluke tester and some UTP CAT-6 cable.”

    Nerd girls are sexy. :)

  6. Hey this is okay, but as a long time shipyard worker and heavy industry worker, I have only one comment:
    “Where is her F****ing hard hat?” Put on your hat sister, or your career is going to be very short!

  7. Ahaha I love this since I’m an marine engineer and the proud boyfriend of a girl who can change the piston rings and headgasket of her own car.

  8. #12 A hard hat in an engineroom is totally useless, it’s like wearing one at your desk when you work in an office building.

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