How to make a tiny polymer clay orange

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How to make a tiny polymer clay orange. (via Craft)


  1. @1:

    Really, though, the only reason you’d need to play the world’s tiniest violin would be to lament your lack of tiny polymer clay oranges, a problem that is now solved.

    Now I just need a tiny “Polymer Clay Oranges” pennant to wave.

  2. This was BB’ed a couple or so years ago if I remember correctly. They’re still pretty cool little oranges though.

  3. This is the same extruding process used in making some types of hard candy.

    And, at least I assume, quite like how they make the lovely millefiore glass in Murano and places that copy Murano. Except colder.

  4. Looks like the person with the blog is now aware of their boost in incoming traffic and has put a stupid interstitial ad up. Yay for spammers.

  5. Last summer, during the time I was job-hunting, our 7-year-old niece came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. I had a shoebox-sized carryall filled with various colors of polymer clay, and sculpting tools (a well-meaning art project that never took off), and, running out of things to keep her occupied, I got out the clay and we started making dollhouse food. That stuff is addicting.

    I had a polymer clay technique book that had a woefully short section on making food, and she and I modeled food for three days, fired and varnished it, and I sent it all home with her except for the tiny, adorable plate of California roll (complete with convincing wasabi and pickled ginger) that I made and kept for myself. We didn’t make any oranges, though. And I wonder why. My life seems incomplete without wee clay oranges.

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