Global Game Jam continues! Here's live video (without kittens)


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  1. Kaden says:

    These are the people your mom warns you about.

  2. Scypher says:

    As one of the Global Game Jammers, I can attest that the live feeds really were quite boring. :P

    But realistically, it’s very hard to track multiple people working at multiple computers on multiple games with one static camera.

    I think, from the viewers’ perspective, it would have been really cool if each developer team took turns “owning” the camera for 1 hour, and could even put on a little show & tell or live Q&A or something. Then each game gets their spotlight and even personal involvement.

    But from the ambitious developer’s perspective: I’ve got 48 hours to do something that might typically take a week. THERE’S NO TIME FOR GAMES! (except for this one right here, ahem)

  3. kirkjerk says:

    I’m one of the programmers here, and even I find the live feed incredibly boring! The pleasure is in the results, and partial results, but they didn’t really put in a system for showing off the little milestone builds….

  4. Tom Hale says:

    This one is much better than the kitten one. There’s been a cute girl dancing around –

  5. Tom Hale says:

    I took a nice screenshot for Xeni at 11:40 pm central

  6. Tom Hale says:

    The one from LA has audio – but not much going on there atm.

  7. Tom Hale says:

    Ah – they just turned the sound on.

  8. Tom Hale says:

    I registered for the liveblog thing – but I still can see new comments – I’ll keep trying.

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