Shipping container cabinets

Designer Sander Mulder has a line of modular cabinets inspired by shipping containers, "one of the best known industrial archetypes." They're beautiful, but I wish they were actually made out of shipping containers!

Pandora (via Cribcandy)


  1. Them look like chem cabs- lockable cabinets made to hold toxic or flammable substances. Me hope they not phony. Fire make chemicals explode- make fire big.
    Fire bad. Phony chem cabs bad.

  2. Was going to say – Maybe Jay Leno could fit them in that absurd “garage” of his, but I’m pretty sure my garage wouldn’t hold even one shipping container.

    I might almost be able to put my garage in a shipping container though…

  3. looks a bit like fail since they don’t even use real container parts. You’ve got tons of peeps looking for ways to reuse containers like making condos out of them, and this guy doesn’t use the real thing? Why bother? The real thing might have been beautiful.

  4. Stupid yuppy shit,
    ‘inspired’ my arse

    shipping containers are ‘industrial archetypes’ because they’re cheap and standardized. So this guy’s supposed homage is to make something expensive and non-standard.

    right. or maybe he was more inspired by making money from jumping on a bandwagon

  5. What if they were filled with non-perishable foods and blankets and left out on the edges of supermarket parking lots or in front of local churches? They look like they could be put to good use. If they are really really sturdy and can last a long time, a high price might be justified.

  6. Wouldn’t want to make these actually standard – the standard size end connectors are available in aluminum or steel, for making your own container-sized custom transport units, but they’re f’ing heavy (23 lbs a corner, 184 lbs for all 8 corners) – see

    Complaining that these are entirely subscale is like complaining that your kid’s Tonka truck doesn’t take the same tires as the actual 40-ton heavy transporter does… Sure, you can *use* those tires for children’s toy applications, but rolling a toy vehicle around isn’t one of them…

  7. Yeah, shipping containers are enormous compared to the inside space in a house or garage. Even just reusing the same corners would make for a much larger cabinet than would be usable in most setting.

    You’d be better off repurposing container parts into a shed. There are much better uses for reused containers than indoor storage.

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