Designer of U.S. Nutrition Facts label dead at 76

Burkey Belser, the graphic designer who created the nutrition facts label found on almost all foodstuffs and drinks sold in the U.S., is dead at 76.

Belser's minimalist black-and-white design, which outlines the calories and nutrient values of virtually every food sold in grocery stores, is regarded by many as a triumph of both graphic design and public health. Belser was an "absolute genius," according to David A. Kessler, who served as FDA chief when the label was designed. "The label had enormous public health impact for millions and millions of people who rely on it every day," Kessler told the Washington Post.

Designed not only the label, but a method of reconciling regulators, consumer groups and corporate lobbyists: "simplicity." You can hide a lot behind simplicity, that's for sure.