Leather Cthuhlu mask from steampunk gas-mask artist

This leathery Cthulhu mask from April 2007 appears to be made by the same Ukranian genuis who came up with the steampunk gas mask (which I'm proud to own and display in my office). What a marvel of ententacled terror! Lots more to love on the site!

Update: Looks like David caught this one last year -- d'oh! Still, the Bob Basset art collective deserves lots of attention. I've finally wised up and subbed to their RSS feed,and about time too.

New Cthulhu Mask ????? М?ск? Ктулху (Thanks, theeviljeremy!)


  1. While well known for his artisan level leather masks for psychos and leather-lovers alike, as a hobbyist gemcutter I’d like to point out there’s another thing Russian Bob here is famous for (and is probably the only person in the world to have ever accomplished this feat)- he makes handmade knives. Not from steel- from industrial SAPPHIRE.

    TSA’s worst nightmare. God I love this guy.

    They are basically giant chunks of synthetic sapphire (sheets are like 700$ or so), and he hand grinds them into working knives sharper than anything you can imagine. Look on his site for them.

  2. This is aweful. It quite stroke me when I saw this pic. Here is why: I saw this guy in a Lisbon underground train who looks just like that, but without wearing a mask. You may google him with “elephant man” and “lisbon”. But be warned, it’s not really funny, if not “not funny at all”.

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