Banjo TAB for blind players

Patrick Costello, the travelling open-source banjo instructor, sez, "A visually impaired banjo player in the Netherlands contacted me the other day asking for help. He wanted a way to use banjo tab with his Braille display. Tab, or tabulature, is different from music notation in that tab gives the user specific mechanical instructions -- literally, 'put your fingers here'. With a folk banjo style like frailing students usually learn the mechanics of playing long before they dive into music theory so access to tab is a big deal for beginners. With some input from Ruud I was able to come up with a simple system that he would make sense in Braille. I posted information on the new tab system on my web site, and musicians from all over have started to transpose frailing banjo songs and exercises into this new format."

Braille-Friendly Banjo TAB (Thanks, Patrick!)


  1. banjo neck with actuators that raise tiny buttons below fret level so you can feel where to press. Blind player piano concept with computer interface so any imputed tune can be taught haptically to fingertips.

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