Interview with Greg Broadmore, Weta Workshop artist and creator of Grordbort


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  1. Telecustard says:

    This is so perfect it’s hard to put into words. Sure hope it becomes a film, animated exactly as those pictures are. I don’t care if it takes a very long time, this is built to last.

  2. Phikus says:

    Click here for the full poster, hi res version.

  3. holtt says:

    Those would be her man melters

  4. Phikus says:

    She wields them with expert… marksmanship.

  5. devophill says:

    I love his geometrically chunky signature.

  6. GregLondon says:


  7. LYNDON says:

    There’s an exhibition in Wellington at the moment including Greg’s nintendo DS sketches of naked women slipping on banana peels. 99DS – Dodgy Slips and Deadly Sleds

  8. holtt says:

    Gorgeous style. What a cool game environment that would make. And it makes you wonder if there aren’t some movie ideas being tossed about.

  9. airship says:

    Nice example of the ‘breasts as sci-fi weapons’ meme.

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