Interview with Greg Broadmore, Weta Workshop artist and creator of Grordbort

Moon Mistress Detail: Dr. Grodbort Annalee Newitz, Editor and Time Distortion Field Operator at, is in New Zealand digging up little sparkly bits of future. One of those involves concept artist Greg Broadmore, and she has posted a really interesting interview with him with lots of cool photos. "He created the ray gun-saturated world of Doctor Grordbort," she explains, "and is about to launch a new graphic novel and series of web shorts devoted to the retro scifi adventures of Cockswain and the Moon Mistress."

The Savage World of Dr. Grodbort (io9)


  1. Gorgeous style. What a cool game environment that would make. And it makes you wonder if there aren’t some movie ideas being tossed about.

  2. This is so perfect it’s hard to put into words. Sure hope it becomes a film, animated exactly as those pictures are. I don’t care if it takes a very long time, this is built to last.

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