Motherlode of Soviet futuristic magazine covers

Here's a massive boatload of covers from vintage Soviet tech magazines -- most of these came from valiant Twitterers (@billnagel, @kwispel, @vr_quarksoup, @houbi) who responded to my call for the originating URL for an unattributed gallery of covers I found on another site, filling my cup to overflowing with a motherload of sovfuturkitsch that I'll be wallowing in for days. I want to wallpaper my office with these.

Update: Via Twitter, @vonross adds, "This was a youth-oriented futurist/kosmist zine started in the 20's, purged & retasked by Stalin during WWII, it went to roots of modernism."

2.5 GB torrent of PDFs of full issues of "Техники молодежи" (!!!!1111!ONE!)

Обложки "Техники молодежи" (30е - 50е, СССР)

'Техники - молодежи'

Обложки журнала Техники молодежи (29 фото)

(Thanks, Mike K!)


  1. You might be interested in an SF bi-monthly (IIRC) from that period – “Iskatel'” (“Seeker”). I still have lots of them from the mid-80s lying around in my parents’ home in Bulgaria.

  2. Anyone know the copyright status on these images? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an exploration of fair use for Soviet era IP.

  3. I believe all art created in Soviet Union fell under “public domain”, as per communist doctrine.

  4. This is the best thing ever.

    Thanks, Cory. And god bless you, Soviets. Bless your godless communist souls.

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