Oops! Fox's Jesse Watters "defends" Donald Trump in hush money case by accidentally describing the crime (video)

Fox "News" is notorious for defending Donald Trump no matter what — even if it costs them $787.5 million. So it was quite the surprise when host Jesse Watters sided up (unwittingly) with the prosecutors in Donald Trump's hush money criminal trial to explain why Trump is guilty.

"His lawyer paid Stormy and after the campaign was over, the money was reimbursed and booked as a legal expense," Watters said, describing the crime almost as well as the prosecution did yesterday in its opening statements. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

Naturally, commenters flooded online to school the dimwitted host. "Umm…well…hmm…you know you just described the crime. I don't understand what you don't understand about what you just said," scolded former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele (see below).

"I guess the main problem with this is it's the exact opposite of what Trump's lawyer said in his opening statement," said attorney and Meidas Touch editor Ron Filipkowski (see below).

Most comments, however, were just short, concise, and to the point, such as: "Correct. That's the illegal part, Jesse," "Didn't Jesse just describe a crime? On national t.v.," "That's a crime," and "That's illegal." Thanks Watters! It's nice when a smug propagandist accidentally bolsters a case against Trump.

Via Huff Post