Ketchup bottle as pancake batter dispenser, plastic bottles as coin purse

200903160936 200903160942 I don't like the look of pancake batter in a ketchup bottle. But a coin purse made from plastic bottles is attractive.

(Via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)


  1. @Nanuq:

    Sad that most anything homemade these days becomes suspect to take through airport security.

  2. Nanuq, how often do you need to take pancake batter on an aeroplane?

    I think ladling pancake batter directly into the pan is easier than using a funnel to pour it into a bottle to pour out of, though.

  3. The pancake batter dispenser fails when you factor in blueberries. And I always factor in blueberries.

  4. Speaking from experience, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate the aroma of ketchup from an empty ketchup bottle (at least only with hand-washing. We don’t have a dish washer), so I’m not sure I’d want to use it for pancakes. My daughter’s daycare does use empty ketchup bottles and empty dish detergent bottles to keep paint in. Makes it a lot easier to dispense a small amount of paint in a controlled way, rather than trying to dispense it directly from the bulk tub it comes in.

  5. The real reason to put pancake batter in a squeeze bottle of any kind is to make recognizable dinosaur shapes. Duh!

  6. I mix pancake/waffle batter in a pitcher so I can pour appropriate amounts as needed. The squeeze bottle strikes me as a reasonable packaged version of that… except that I have trouble imagining that I’d want to pay the surchage and waste-packaging involved in buying premixed batter. Especially as one of the keys to good waffles is to leave the mix a bit lumpy.

  7. The Coin Purse is obviously made from the bottoms of two 2-liter bottles.

    I have used 2-liter bottles to make a ‘friendly’ mouse trap. Here’s how:

    You can freeze the mice you catch to feed your snake, or let the little fella go in a nearby field, or you can feed him Dr. Troof’s Growth Hormone and ride it to work. d8^)

  8. I think that the pros use that pancake batter trick. You can buy cheap plastic squeeze bottles that have never been used for ketchup, which will smell much better.

  9. @TroofSeeker:

    Sir, I would like to place an order for 12 bottles of Dr. Droof’s Growth Hormone. Name any price and I shall pay it.

  10. When I was in the boy scouts some 30 odd years ago, on camping trips we’d use the the batter blaster method. It made it easier to cook for 30 boys, and easier to keep things clean and stored.

  11. So, Mark…how about a squeeze mayonnaise bottle? A mustard bottle? How about one left over from pickle relish?

    I’m thinking it’s a pretty good idea — especially when I think about how long it takes to chisel off all the little drips of batter that end up cemented to every horizontal (and a few vertical) surface in my kitchen when we have pancakes for breakfast.

    ‘Cause, you know, the kids want to make pancakes, and somebody runs through the kitchen just as I’m ladling the batter….

    This would cut down on the mess considerably.

    and I think that, even though you’re spposed to leave the batter lumpy, Technogeek, by the time it sits for a minute, the lumps would squeeze on through. (But if they don’t? Cool spattered pancakes.)

    Best pancake recipe evar? Joy of Cooking.

  12. TJS- did you want the topical ointment for specific body parts, or the Creme Soda Flavored All Body Enlarging Potion?
    Disclaimer- use with caution. Do not ingest entire contents unless you’re a very tiny person.
    May cause rectal itch, bleeding from gums, ears and eyesockets, and/or some degree of monsterism.

  13. I haven’t made pancakes in years, but I would always buy this (national?) brand of mix that came in a plastic bottle. You add water, shake, and pour. Do they not make it anymore?

  14. PET bottles work great as material cut from their fixed shape, but my hubby ruined several pots and good flatware trying to melt it – DON’T!

  15. @ Anonymous (Comment #5)

    The way I do it is to put the the ingredients one by one into the bottle, then shake vigorously to mix, then squeeze out. Very simple, although also agree with comments about getting rid of the odour. Wash with a little baking soda maybe? I have also used screw-top milk bottles and similar containers simply to recycle them, but also when making large batches on school camps etc.

  16. You guys are halarious! Thanks for all the laughs….and I’m going to try the ketchup bottle batter thing just to see if it works. I’m thinking it’d be great when making waffles. I always make a HUGE mess!

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