GET EXCITED AND MAKE THINGS: a "Keep calm and carry on" alternative for the econopocalypse


9 Responses to “GET EXCITED AND MAKE THINGS: a "Keep calm and carry on" alternative for the econopocalypse”

  1. tuscadero says:

    I have a 13 year old boy in my house, that shirt would be entertainingly disruptive. Giggity!

  2. padster123 says:

    Brilliant. I will print it out and stick it on the wall of my work. A new business, out of the ashes of a closed-down-by-big-fat-stupid-parent-company one. It’s definitely time to be starting new things.

  3. Sewnagain says:

    Instead of making things for sale on Etsy, my latest focus is in making things so I don’t spend money. It seems futile to hype myself up to keep going in a direction that clearly isn’t working.

  4. mikey p says:

    Thanks! It’s my new desktop background, and just what I needed.

  5. hypeful says:

    Definitely a more constructive suggestion than my “Now panic and freak out” t-shirt:

  6. kengor says:

    I guess those “Hang in There Baby” cat posters just ain’t hip enough for you trustfund pioneers, eh?

  7. hundredsofthousands says:

    man, there are dozens of comments on the Flickr site like: “yay! great image! now please make a shirt for me.”

    looks like only the first half of the message got across…

  8. ianm says:

    Does constant learning, studying and writing papers count as ‘making things’? I am always excited about the former, but physical creation – not so much.

    Either way – cheers to tinkerers and innovators – I am one of you but my media are words and ideas not nuts and bolts, but I feel a kinship nonetheless.

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