GET EXCITED AND MAKE THINGS: a "Keep calm and carry on" alternative for the econopocalypse

Matt Jones has a fitting remix of the classic, Blitz-era "Keep calm and carry on" posters for the current econopocalype: a sign reading "GET EXCITED AND MAKE THINGS." Right on!

Don't keep calm and carry on. (via Warren Ellis)


  1. Does constant learning, studying and writing papers count as ‘making things’? I am always excited about the former, but physical creation – not so much.

    Either way – cheers to tinkerers and innovators – I am one of you but my media are words and ideas not nuts and bolts, but I feel a kinship nonetheless.

  2. I have a 13 year old boy in my house, that shirt would be entertainingly disruptive. Giggity!

  3. I guess those “Hang in There Baby” cat posters just ain’t hip enough for you trustfund pioneers, eh?

  4. Brilliant. I will print it out and stick it on the wall of my work. A new business, out of the ashes of a closed-down-by-big-fat-stupid-parent-company one. It’s definitely time to be starting new things.

  5. man, there are dozens of comments on the Flickr site like: “yay! great image! now please make a shirt for me.”

    looks like only the first half of the message got across…

  6. Instead of making things for sale on Etsy, my latest focus is in making things so I don’t spend money. It seems futile to hype myself up to keep going in a direction that clearly isn’t working.

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