Jean-Jacques Perrey's EVA video

In the comments after my post about the MOOG-laden TV commercial for Schaefer Beer, TORLEY points us to this fantastic video for pioneering electronic musician Jean-Jacques Perrey's catchy tune "EVA." It opens with a sample of Timothy Leary. I love Perrey's grin.


  1. For years I had this tune in my head without every knowing what it was from. Thanks, internet!

  2. David,

    This is a Fatboy Slim remix of EVA. It’s a ridiculous story, but a few years ago I compiled a CD called “The Best of Moog” that came out on a Sony label and the company that EVA was licensed from (Lawrence Welk Music!) offered us that FBS remix, too. It got stuck on at the end and the first time I had the mastered CD in my possession, I smoked up before I QC’d it for final approval. The CD ends (or so I expected). There is a pause and then I started hearing Timothy Leary speaking and I was momentarily flummoxed wondering if my stereo was being animated by Tim’s spirit or if someone was playing a trick on me or what it was before I remembered, “Oh yeah, it’s that Fatboy Slim remix.”

  3. Yeah that’s definitely a remix!

    Here’s a fun live performance of the original track:

    Or, my personal favorite version:


  4. I had that Best of Moog cd– nice job. (“Had”– it was permanently borrowed by so-called friend.) And yes– Welk Music Group owns the Vanguard Catalog: a business named after the ultimate square owns the rights to all those folk/blues/jazz records, (including at least one Country Joe & the Fish LP.)

  5. Glad ya fancied this, David!

    JJP is sure a hip guy for, well, a senior citizen. He also collaborated with Luke Vibert to bring you this grooviness!

    @Richard Metzger A GREAT story.

  6. This song has always reminded me of the theme from Futurama. Glad to be reminded that this song exists, and now I’m going to go watch Futurama!

  7. This song (or this remix?) was used a few years ago in a TV commercial for a constipation medication. I forgot the name of the drug, but the commercial featured a bunch of women showing their stomachs. I always thought it was a rather catchy tune, now I know its source.

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