Marilyn Chambers, RIP

The adult film legend died at age 56 on Sunday. She was found in her mobile home by a family member.

Chambers' death was a "total shock," [fellow adult star Ron] Jeremy said, because they had been scheduled to sign a contract Monday to perform together in an off-Broadway "tongue-in-cheek" re-enactment of the porn classic "Deep Throat." "What's strange is that she was at a stage where she was totally happy and totally content with her life," Jeremy said. "Her life was falling together, and she was doing really well."
Above, an interview with Ms. Chambers from 1977 on a NYC public access cable TV show. The porn title for which she is best known: The Mitchell Brothers production "Behind the Green Door."


  1. Very conflicted lady, especially considering that she claimed to have been forced to do Deep Throat, going as far as saying that it was basically a movie of her being raped.

  2. Insatiable = Marilyn Chambers
    Deep Throat = Linda Lovelace

    Also, she died alone in a trailer park: Welcome to the glamourous and equitable world of adult entertainment!


    1. Hey Jack, It’s a pretty nice “Mobile Home Park” she lived acrossed the street from me. she was only here for about 9 months I think. We used to see her walking around the park with her Parrot. She was really a nice lady and very friendly. It was a shock to all the residents here.

  3. BB keeps doing this:

    Introducing me to wonderful people I barely knew existed, allowing me to celebrate their wonderful lives and Karma…. Then telling me they are dead.

    Recent examples include:

    Dave Arneson
    Philip Jose Farmer
    Tom Kennedy

    and now

    Marilyn Chambers

    Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

    I say yes.

    Thank you Xeni. You picked the perfect clip for this post BTW…

  4. Synchronicity or what? Last weekend I watched “behind the green door” for the first time , after hearing Robert Anton Wilson claiming that it was a remake of King Kong. (in a video from 1988 and I’m still not convinced.) Anyway poor Marilyn. She went too soon.

  5. Wht WLL th wrld d wtht nthr dck mttn? N dbt hr lf ws “fllng tgthr” s lf-cch/sprtl gr Rn Jrmy tstfd. Pr wmn ws prbbly pt t f hr msry.

  6. Yeah… I’m going to have to request a disemvowling of the word d*ck m*tt*n at the very least (though removing the consonants might be better.) I’m not a femi-nazi by any means, but I can’t help feeling dirty and subjectified by a phrase which sums up a female’s entire value with a vulgar description of her reproductive organs.

  7. Xeni,

    Sex-positive feminism all the way!

    Self-described ‘slut’, on my own terms, reveals this — my father praised ‘Green Door’ in an overheard conversation, and I used to steal his penthouses just to read “Wicked Wanda” who was my teenage idol! (I now have a complete set of these bitchin comics!)

    Considering the only tangentially related Lovelace topic: behaviour is often significant to time-dependent factors. If she was in fact forced, this is a crime — if this is a young indiscretion, then it is harder to judge.

    The best part of American puritanism is American contrarianism — the fight back against prudism, homophobia, discrimination, that somehow has a hard time getting a toehold in the US unless the establishment is against it.

    The sexual generation gap comes around again!

  8. An excellent read on her and many other folks is the history “The Other Hollywood.” Highly recommended.

  9. She was a genuinely nice person, much brighter and more open than you might expect. At the time she and Linda Lovelace did porn, it had a brief period of nearly mainstream appeal. Her miscalculation was that adult movies and sexual freedom, which she believed in strongly, wouldn’t harm her preexisting acting career. She was wrong, it cost her dearly, but she wasn’t prone to whining about it. i was very sad to hear of her passing.

  10. “Dick Caveat” is of course taken from the well known Latin expression dick caveat emptor, or “Let the buyer beware of dick”.

    As for what this has to do with something that three little kittens lost, and don’t know where to find…

    …let’s just say that they began to cry.

  11. Marilyn Chambers was a Great Actress, period! For those that may criticize what her occupation was, I say to you people to “remove the plank from your own eye before you criticize the speck in someone elses eye.” We ALL do things that show that we are mere mortal in this lifetime. She is now in Heaven where the Blood of Jesus makes us ‘pure’ in the sight of God! Case Closed!

  12. COMMENT #4 JACK: What kind of life must YOU LEAD Jack,if you have to slum around in your own little hole waiting to pounce on a miniscule article regarding this former Porn Queen.Life must be something at YOUR house.Before you go looking down your nose at anyone,glance at the man in the mirror.My guess is that he isn’t likely the guy that YOU would want others to believe that he is.Sad my friend. VERY sad.

  13. Marilyn Chambers was an incredible actress!

    Heaven has gained from our loss….

    Marilyn was scheduled to star in The Deep Throat Sex Scandal on Broadway this summer….

    She will be greatly missed. I cast her in a small role until I finally had her read for the part….gave her the co-star role….she deserved it..

    The theatre has lost a great future star!
    David Bertolino
    The Deep Throat Sex Scandal

  14. Always loved ya and was a little “in love” with you, Marilyn! You made it seem real and you were always dripping in sexuality. Thanks for sharing all of it. RIP, Darlin’. You WILL be remembered for a long time.

  15. She showed a lot of guts, working in that genre, where there’s no going back. Once its out there for the world to see, she had to live with it. Good looking girl who had the uncanny ability to invoke instant erections at the mention of her name…..what over-exposed media hype now-a-days can claim that?

  16. I am gay as a goose.Yet to me you have always been,and always will be,La Diva Absoluta.Rest easy old girl xoxo

  17. i had no idea geese were gay. If all gooses are “Gay as a goose,” then how do geese reproduce? Wouldn’t they be extinct within 6 months?

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