Science fiction summer writing camp for teens: Shared Worlds

Matt sez, "'Shared Worlds' is a great summer writing workshop for creative kids with an interest in fantasy and science fiction."

Shared Worlds, an innovative two week workshop in fantasy and science fiction worldbuilding is currently seeking applications for attendance from students grade eight to twelve who have an interest in creative writing and fantasy worldbuilding.

The program is held from July 19 through August 1 on the campus of Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, and offers an intensely creative atmosphere in which students learn all aspects of building their own fictional world through instruction in creative writing, history, art, philosophy and physics and then apply that knowledge by creating fiction, games and more.

This year's instructors include assistant director and two time World Fantasy Award winning author Jeff VanderMeer, Weird Tales fiction editor Ann VanderMeer, role playing game designer Will Hindmarch, Spiderwick Chronicles creator Holly Black and New York Times bestselling author Tobias Buckell, plus Wofford College's own Dr. Christine Dinkins, philosophy professor, and Jeremy Jones, lecturer and camp director.

Although the emphasis of this think tank for teens is on fantasy, according to Jeff VanderMeer the things that the participants learn will be very useful in real life.

Take Part in one of the Summer's Most Innovative Creative Writing Programs for Teens. (Thanks, Matt!)


  1. Are there any programs like this for people of all ages? I would love to attend something similar, especially given that I’m a free-traveling and free-willed adult, but there seems to be no market.

  2. I attended a Wofford summer program years ago, and I would have KILLED for an opportunity like this. My choices were things like Watercolor and Broadway Musical class.

  3. Wow, that’s great!

    My wife runs a non-profit called Writopia Lab, and they do writing workshops for young writers (8 to 18) in NYC, DC, and LA. Not everyone works on SciFi (there’s a lot of memoir, general fiction, and poetry, too), but here’s a SciFi story one Writopia kid wrote:

    More info, including details of the sliding-scale fee structure, at

    Jeremy Wallace-Segall

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