The Yggyssey: Pinkwater takes on The Odyssey


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  1. mcmrbt says:

    I bought both of these for my daughters when you linked to the online version before. They absolutely love them. The oldest (11) had already read a lot of the Yggyssey online, but even the youngest (7) enjoyed The Neddiad and read some of it aloud to me, very well. I’m dying to get my hands on them when they’re both finished,
    Great recommendations, thanks!

  2. joshoakley*duh* says:

    Two “g’”s.

  3. MadMolecule says:

    I hope you noticed that Pinkwater left an awesome comment on your review of The Neddiad, linked above.

  4. foofoodoodoo says:

    Not to mention the illustrations by one of my favorite artists: Calef Brown!

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