Dalek wedding cake

Here's a lovely, nearly-entirely-edible Dalek wedding cake -- we had a Portal cake at our wedding, but this is a close second:

The "tiers" (the base and the middle) are foam board wrapped in fondant, and were planned to be that way from the get-go to support the weight of the cake. The cake itself contains 5 chopsticks: two to support the second tier (holding the upper body) and one each for the core of the three arms. The lower half of the body is white cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and wrapped in coffee fondant. The copper balls are all fondant, and the piping is just royal icing. The upper half of the body is sculpted from Rice Krispie Treat that was then covered with fondtant and piped with details. The little armor plates and the accessories on the arms are made of sugar candy (gumpaste). The whole thing weighed about 10 pounds. Dassit.
Cakey bits (Thanks, Jeff!)


  1. Yeah, but who wants to go to a Dalek wedding? All the conversation will be about “exterminating” and “intruder alerts” and undoubtedly some lone nut calling himself a “doctor” will arrive and ruin the festivities.

  2. #3 Hey, some of those guys were hot. I have a crush on Jamie myself. (Kilt action! Woo!) :D

    What’s bad is I want that for my wedding. Too bad I haven’t convinced my boyfriend that Doctor Who is the best thing ever. Some people never learn. *shakes head*

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