Coral Cross: ARG about pandemic flu


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  1. Halloween Jack says:

    Not only is the date thing kind of irritating, but they seem to think that creating a modern flu pandemic scenario has never been thought of before.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”. Just sayin…

  3. Yamara says:

    Shouldn’t Stuart also be writing exclusively in Esperanto?

    …I concur that the fancy dating looks to interfere with existing physical delivery systems. The Long Now may be important to consider, but the Short Now is in range to kick you right in the gonads.

  4. Yamara says:

    Maybe it’s not meant to be set in Hawaii in 02011–

    but in Massachusetts in THE YEAR AD 96718!!

  5. TheMadLibrarian says:

    If this was sponsored by the Hawaii Dept. of Health and the CDC, they are pretty sad with getting the word out about it. They need to do better with whatever vector they are using for advertising, as I live in Hawaii and this is the first I’ve seen of it.

  6. foohugger says:

    Wouldn’t it have been more responsible to link to this site after the game actually existed? Right now, the website is just an email address collection site for some potential thing that may come out at some point in the future.

    I really expect a bit more filtering than that, Boing Boing.

  7. Yamara says:

    Well, to the layman it looks like they changed the rollout date from 102011 to 102009, so that leaves them barely 98,000 years to advertise the game.

    Seriously, has Aubrey de Grey made some huge breakthrough? Because I can’t seem to focus on an impending pandemic with all these worries I’m starting to have for what the 10th millennium may bring.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with the five-digit, zip-cody years? Are we preparing in advance for the Y10K problem? Please no?

  9. ret3 says:

    Would two superfluous leading zeros make it twice as pretentious? Perhaps if we started using scientific notation instead.

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