Twitter comes to the Commodore 64


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  1. dculberson says:

    Can I port this to TI BASIC? (And no, not the calculator language, thank you very much.)

  2. Anonymous says:


    In one of the articles, it says that Twitter Will Be Obsolete In A Year.

    Here is the link to it -

  3. Anonymous says:

    xdmag, druranium – doesn’t seem to have been done for the speccy yet. It’s certainly possible though via similar expansion projects e.g. Spectranet or ZXMMC+. The network card is doing quite a lot of the work in this sort of setup, the micro “just” needs to be a simple terminal and run a NIC device driver.

    Contiki is an amazing OS though.

  4. laderoda says:

    Now where the heck was this when I was writing my M.Sc. thesis on my C64? I had absolutely NO access to Twitter, so I was COMPLETELY out of the loop in 1986.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So what. I’ve been watching Blu-rays on my 2600 for years now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wonder why standard of comments here so much better here than under same article on BBG?

  7. Laroquod says:

    Stuff like this really begs the question of why Twitter didn’t happen sooner, since the interface itself is indeed so simple. Obviously not really on the C64 due to connectivity issues that are easily solved today by emulators, but why wasn’t there a Twitter say, a year or two after ICQ?

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. hohum says:

    Well, I wanted to try this, but it seems my Quantum Link account has been terminated…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have been waiting for this since 1984!

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s taken this long for the Internet to catch up to the C64

  12. sinisterscrawl says:

    Wow. Great. Once again us ColecoVision owners get frozen out. What happened to you, BB? I thought this was supposed to be a directory of “wonderful” things, not Jack Tramiel’s personal whore.

  13. legion says:

    The vilest part of that article is that I actually know what a 1541 is. Thanks for making me feel just that much older, Cory.


  14. NotACat says:

    I’m shocked and saddened at the lack of camels in this post.

    @Legion: to some of us, the 1541 is a new-fangled gadget, much improved on the rackety old thing we had to hang off our 3032. How old do you think that makes us feel, huh?

    Cue Peter Jurasik intoning: “I was there at the dawn of the new age of intelligent peripherals”. Andreas Katsulas, we miss you…

  15. xdmag says:

    Where’s my ZX Spectrum client?

  16. druranium says:

    how can I get this to run on my timex sinclair?

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