Lego zombies!


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  1. DevNall says:

    So awesome. Lego needs to release a Zombiepocalypse line.

  2. trippcook says:

    Zombies are very funny!

    This is the absolute peak of comedic originality.

    If only ninja lego dudes were fighting them while a lego keyboard cat was playing in the background — only then could it be any funnier.

  3. RyonRyon says:

    @BrotherPower ahahahah you’re gorram right.


  4. briancolinart says:

    Thanks for posting Cory! Big thanks for all the feedback as well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Would be much better as custom mini figs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    cool – i just did a few zombie simpson canvases

  7. Trent Hawkins says:

    the only thing missing is a lego man smiling as his head is being ripped off.

  8. BrotherPower says:

    Man, if those were steampunk Lego zombies fucking up IP lawyers at Disneyland, this would be perfect Boing Boing bait.

    Still, not too shabby!

  9. RyonRyon says:

    cook, you’re fuckin-a goddamn right, I shouldn’t fuck about with bullshit allusions.

  10. 3.14chan says:

    And guts!

  11. Xopher says:

    Frell you, TrippCook! We’ll use any kind of gorram fracking dren we want, so hezmana with you! :-)

  12. trippcook says:

    Why the fuck do people use Joss-Whedon-made-up curse words instead of just cussing like normal human beings? Goddamn!!!!!

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