Lego zombies!

Brian sez, "I did a series of small (4" x 3") canvases depicting Lego zombies. I thought you guys might dig it."

Small Lego Zombie Canvases (Thanks, Brian!)


  1. Zombies are very funny!

    This is the absolute peak of comedic originality.

    If only ninja lego dudes were fighting them while a lego keyboard cat was playing in the background — only then could it be any funnier.

  2. Man, if those were steampunk Lego zombies fucking up IP lawyers at Disneyland, this would be perfect Boing Boing bait.

    Still, not too shabby!

  3. Why the fuck do people use Joss-Whedon-made-up curse words instead of just cussing like normal human beings? Goddamn!!!!!

  4. cook, you’re fuckin-a goddamn right, I shouldn’t fuck about with bullshit allusions.

  5. Frell you, TrippCook! We’ll use any kind of gorram fracking dren we want, so hezmana with you! :-)

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