Make a Frabjous

George W. Hart's Frabjous is a 3D sculpture you can print and assemble yourself with some cardboard and glue and patience. It's named for a line from Jabberwocky, my favorite poem (it was what we had at our wedding, in lieu of a service).

Frabjous (via Evil Mad Scientist Labs)


  1. The more I read about Cory’s wedding, the more I think about how rad it must be to hang out with his family.

  2. @2: It gets better — the officiant was a stage magician, the amazing Dan Trommeter, who performed in a Knights Templar robe and made the rings appear in gouts of flame!

  3. Hey, Jabberwocky is my favourite poem, too! I’ve been reciting it in my most theatric of voices to everyone lately, too.

  4. O frabjous day, callou callay!

    yeah, it is one of the gnarliest poems ever.
    and an appropriate name for such a craft project.

  5. it was what we had at our wedding, in lieu of a service

    …because nothing says ‘I love you’ like

    “One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!”

    (did you mean ‘service’ or ‘reading’? Presumably there was some ceremony, other than the reading of a poem?)

  6. Post wedding videos now! I for one will feel totally betrayed to find out you didn’t get married in a Star Trek uniform.

  7. I have to say the sounds of your wedding far, far supercedes the coolness of this. The crypto rings were an awesome idea!

  8. Your wedding sounds sweet: Jabberwocky and crypto rings? It would be double cool if you could come up with an encryption scheme with those rings that used Jabberwocky somehow…

  9. Oh, man, I just spent all damn day making one of these out of paper and tape. Gah. Well, it was a gloomy overcast day that would’ve made it hard to get anything useful done anyway.

    Also, I should warn anyone reading down this far that the instructions Hart gives you lie – making 10 sets of three frabs taped into pyramidal things and trying to weave them together can’t result in this configuration.

    From my notes, assuming you’re using heavyish paper (unbendable material will probably require different assembly order):

    “x-y” means “a frab with one end labeled x and the other labeled y”, you can just go down these directions and put each pair down on a frab.
    “+x-y” means “attach this frab to the frabjous-in-progress by matching numbers”; “+x-y, v-w” means “attach these two frabs”.

    +10-14, 12-8
    +8-14 (this will give you a star which I refer to as the “6 star”; put it aside)

    +13-9, 11-15
    +9-15 (this will give you the “7 star”)
    +7-4, 9-5, 11-1, 13-2, 15-3, arrange the loose ends so they overlap like the central star in the photo used here

    Leave the 7-star face up on the table, put the 6-star on top of it with the 6 point just counterclockwise of the 7 point. Pull the loose flaps on the 7-star through the center of the 6-star.

    Turn it over very carefully.

    +6-19, 8-20, 10-16, 12-17, 14-18
    Each of those should go over one leg of the 7-star, and under the next to come out the center hole. Overlap the loose ends as in the photo again.

    Turn it over carefully. Again.

    One by one, pull the frabs coming off the 7-star out, and reinsert them the way you wove in the frabs that you just attached to the 6-star.

    +1-18, 2-19, 3-20, 4-16, 5-17

    +1-20, 2-16, 3-17, 4-18, 5-19

    Enjoy your frabjous. Or don’t. Mine kinda rustles when I touch it.

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