Shared Worlds summer sf camp asks writers for their favorite cities


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  1. johnjupiter says:

    I love the things that are available for kids these days… I wish I was 7 again! I really like the ‘deep process’ that these and other camps are making available for kids to explore into their creative imagination. We are sending our daughter to the calshakes drama camp this year and I hope these creative niche camps keep spring up because there are a lot more things she’s interested in, not the least of which is fiction writing and elaborate environment creation (I think that’s an accurate way to describe it!)
    Support Excellent Stuff for Kids, they are going to get bigger.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Author’s name in the first sentence should be written “China Mieville” with an “i”.

    And sounds like an awesome experience. I wish i was 18…

  3. Anonymous says:

    some of the real world’s cities can be stranger than anything found in fantasy and science fiction

    san francisco still gets my vote for most surreal

    i grew up a stone’s throw from “the City” and the longer i’m away the more i feel like i’ve been exiled to Planet of the Muggles

  4. mackenzi says:

    I’ve been the same 5’10″ since 4th grade. Do you have to show ID to get into this workshop? And if not, what form is payment expected in? My father can write a personal check for me if needed. What are the requirements? hOW DO i GET IN? iS there a section that teaches how to write sci-fi/fantasy for Big Adults? what’s the website?> how do I get in?

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