Documentary about Jean-Jacques Perrey

Here's a trailer for Prélude au sommeil (Prelude to Sleep), a new documentary about pioneering electronic musician Jean-Jacques Perrey. The film features appearances from Gershon Kingsley, Angelo Badalamenti, Michel Gondry, Air, and other contemporaries of Perrey and artists influenced by him. The film's director, Gilles Weinzaepflen, points us to a VOD site where you can view the full film in French or with English subtitles. Prélude au sommeil


  1. Great, so many music documentaries I have to see now. Hopefuly at least some of them, like Joe Meek f.e.

  2. I almost got a Michel Gondry Science of SLeep vibe from this, especially the part with the television zooming off.

    Perrey is such a whimsical, senior geek. His smile upon discovering the Star Trek comic was priceless!

  3. Tokyo! Featuring a segment from Michel Gondry is out on DVD now. It’s an incredible look at the city of Tokyo from the perspectives of three visionary directors. Check it out!

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