Guangzhou Steampunk

Water Brain Complete Edition(16:9) from Johann.Poo on Vimeo.

Jason sez, "I did a short post today on a "Chinese steampunk animation" I found the other day. It's a 15-minute 3d animation with some great visual combos of traditional Chinese symbols/icons/patterns with the steampunk aesthetic."

Chinese steampunk animation (Thanks, Jason!)


  1. Somebody should report that egregious act of IP theft to Pixar. Upon reviewing the evidence, I bet they hire him.

  2. I waited and waited for the hanging snot to go away, but you know, it just never did. It moves around, gets sucked into his mouth, on and on.

    At the film’s poignant climax, with the snot billowing off both sides of his face in slow motion… that was the BEST.

  3. I realize the snotty nose is a standard feature for that archetype, but it was still distracting. Other than that one detail, I really enjoyed this one.

  4. Boy, that was fantastic! Yea, it had a lot of non-western cultural cues (snot nose etc) but WOW, great stuff. I wonder if it made more sense to people who grew up in that culture; I got the cram-school / blood boiling (brain overheating) / book-bag references, I really loved the animal-styled steampunk concepts, but I get the feeling I missed out on even more great stuff simply because I didn’t catch the reference. Whatever, I still enjoyed the HELL out of it. GRAND.

  5. Living in Hong Kong and interacting with Mainland Chinese, I’d have to say that that was an accurate representation of the Chinese education system, where children studying in the tertiary education system in cities will have to study like how people work in clothes factories (i.e 12+ hours everyday at least) in order to get into top universities.

    There’s a facebook clone in China that I’m a member of, and recently they finished their University Entrance Exams, and there were pictures shared of a secondary school where the students gathered on the upper floors and ripped all their books in celebration. It was an appalling sight, and I lament the system that causes young people to act in this manner.

  6. I recognized one of the songs near the middle of the short to be from Disney’s ‘Enchanted’.

    Great short, otherwise! Very thought-provoking and beautifully rendered.

  7. The pessimism on display in this film is something to behold. If this is an indication of how young Chinese are thinking, then there is very little hope for anything resembling freedom coming to China for a long long time.

    Flying metaphorical paper airplanes around is not how you gain freedom or even express a will to freedom. This is a film I do not respect. I would respect 1 billion Chinese marching into Beijing to decapitate the leadership of that great wasteland. Not this sad deadly little film.

  8. The paper airplane is a symbol of childhood dream/childhood innocence in Chinese culture. Maybe it’s strange for westerner, but it hold such a symbol for the Chinese. Making a paper plane is a metaphor of creating a childhood dream.

    That’s why this film is touching if you see it with the understanding that the paper airplane is not just a mere paper airplane, but the symbol of something much deeper.

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