Hardware video-decoder cartridge for the Nintendo DS


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea.
    iPlayer supports FLAC.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thought it was funny that the their site defines divx as the circuit city dvd rental system and not the codec

    I wonder if it plays divx discs?

  3. Daemon says:

    Great idea. Come out with something like this, months after the DSi comes out – with no cartridge slot.

    Sure, there are tons of DS’s out there, but still seems like a flawed idea.

  4. The Thompson Five says:

    The DSi has a cart slot for the new style carts. Nintendo only got rid of the old GBA style cart slot.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The DSi has no cartridge slot?

    err.. sorry kind sir, you have some very flawed information there..

    the DSi has no slot-2 (GBA slot), but it does still have slot-1 (the slot for nintendo DS games) which is what this cartridge is.

  6. jtegnell says:

    Aren’t there a million other products that can do this already?

  7. stockholm says:

    I’ve been able to play mpeg movies on the DS for years now, but the encoding process has always been a pain – limited file sizes and funky encoding utilities (and no mac support). If this product solves this problem then it will be a late win now that everyone seemingly has a device that can do it better on a larger screen.

  8. dole says:

    Aye, Moonshell has had .DPG format video support since the beginning of DS (possibly GBA?) homebrew. The problem was converting it into that wretched format. I assume most of us gadgeteers probably have a phone that’s capable of something close to this now anyways, but it’s always cool to see what people think up for Nintendo’s handhelds, even back to the original Gameboy. (… RealMedia? People still use Real? I don’t think I’ve seen a necessity for playing those since like… ’98?)

    Here’s another very cool DS third-party add-on that I read about in the past few days:

    Ranger, a GPS nav system using Google Maps, and a review for it by GBATemp.

  9. Adam Stanhope says:

    I bought the Sansa TakeTV – a product that was advertised here on BB, believe it or not!

    It is a small base that plugs into the television and accepts an 8 gig flash drive onto which one can load .avi and .divx files.

    Great idea – mysteriously discontinued. I see them on eBay every once and awhile.

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