RoboGeisha trailer is awesome, includes weaponized tempura shrimp

Direct link to video. There is no part of this trailer that is not made of awesome. A robot geisha transforms into a tank. Two robot geishas (I guess) spew poison milk (don't ask) out of their titties at an opponent. A girl gets stabbed to death in the butt with a giant sword. Robot girls make giant swords pop out of their butts, presumably with which to stab other people in their butts. "Bust Machine Gun." And a dude is blinded with tempura shrimp.


All this and more in the trailer for Noboru Iguchi's new film RoboGeisha - you may recall his work on similarly-themed films Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police. According to the website, the film will be "in theatre fall 2009." (thanks, bobby ciraldo, via geektyrant)



  1. He could follow me into the coffee shop…”Tall Rawte…Bruebelly scone!”


  2. The “so bad it’s good” award has at least one strong entry this year. Winning scene for me? Buildings spewing blood after being crushed by a giant robot. The robo-sword pants makes for a close second, though.

  3. It is never acceptable to computer animate spraying blood in a live action film.

    That said, this looks flippin awesome.

  4. Totally insane! This may actually give Takeshi Miike a run for his money.


  5. This trailer world premiered at the New York Asian Film Festival (still running, go to last Saturday night with director Iguchi and Nishimura (effects, and the director of TOKYO GORE POLICE) present and it was a blast. It was Iguchi’s 40th birthday, and the first time he’d been to America, so we got the audience to spank him and then Tak Sakaguchi (VERSUS, GODZILLA: FINAL WARS) threw darts into his ass.

    Nishimura and Iguchi have gone home, but Nishimura’s new film VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL is very much like ROBOGEISHA, except even more crazed (and much, much, much more offensive to those with delicate sensibilities – so offensive that I can’t imagine it getting a US release uncut) and it still has one screening left tonight, at midnight.

    Here’s a link to buy tickets:

    Sorry for the hard sell, but the press is increasingly uninterested in covering anything but Hollywood movies and so I’ll take any opportunity I can to get the word out to people who might be interested in these movies.

    Grady Hendrix

  6. The trailers for SAMURAI PRINCESS and FRANKENSTEIN GIRL VS VAMPIRE GIRL look equally promising. This new wave of Japanese high-octane gore is really tickling me. it’s like Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson had an unholy 4-headed baby with Shintaro Kago and Junji Ito. All i know is, i’m along for the ride.


  7. I never thought I would see anything that made copious anal bleeding seem awesome, but I think I just have.

  8. This looks like some kind of twisted love child of Takashi Miike and Lloyd Kaufman and whoever the Yokai Monsters director was!


  9. ahem…
    Obviously that’s ACID milk, and it’s coming from two Tengu-girls, those with the red masks are Tengu, not Geisha. C’mon now!

    Looks a little thin on plot….

  10. I saw Tokyo Gore police (which also directed this geisha thing), and it just got cheesier and cheesier as the movie went on. This kind of ridiculous action may be nice for maybe 3 minutes, but a entire movie full of it becomes very tiresome.

  11. @ Grady Hendrix,

    I searched your name and found your Slate mag article about trying to start the Festival you were referring to.

    I really enjoyed it. I appreciate your approach to writing and the fact that it didn’t make me want to take a knife to my skull.

    I’m interested in helping to do my part to promote the festival on my site next year and bring attention to it. Is there a mailing list or someway to receive press updates?

    Oh yeah, and this Robo Geisha shit looks crazy hype regardless of how ridiculous it may seem to anyone else.

  12. I think I found the messiah in movie form. It’s like the director and writers do an ass load of coke before sitting down to consider every scene, simply glorious.

  13. I think I heard the ‘Live and Let Die’ trying to climb out of the soundtrack here–but it was obviously held fast by Geishas with Holding!!!

  14. Obviously that’s actually a Geisha CIRCULAR Saw. That kind of poor attention to detail could really flaw the rest of the film.

  15. Depending on the viewer, this is either the best or worst movie ever. I’m leaning towards worst… and I actually enjoyed Jesus Christ Vampire Killer.

  16. Dead C –

    Hey, thanks! Support is always much appreciated. You can send me an email and I’ll put you on the press mailing list, it’s g r a d y at subway cinema dot com.

  17. All awesome, except for ass stabbing. Not cool.

    Also note the cheesy Live and Let Die-esque melodies tucked into the soundtrack. Quite cool.

  18. I kind of enjoyed the pseudo “Live And Let Die” knock-off playing in the background.

  19. RE the bleeding buildings:

    I agree that’s a very nice touch!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this was an almost accidental, spur-of-the-moment post production thing. Someone was going to add some regular explosions when they saw “Blood Spatter” on the drop-down menu. They decided to go with their instinct, and cinema history was made.

  20. Yes, but Hollywood is making a movie of the Asteroids video game, after a protracted bidding war. I think it’s clear which country wins.

  21. Machine Girl was delirious fun. I’m pretty sure there was a deadly food scene in that one too. Tempura preparation gone awry, if memory serves.

  22. So…the Gion is gonna win over Pontocho because of their super-secret robotical powers? Woweee…Sounds like something that should have happened a century ago!

  23. Anyone else pick up that the soundtrack has “borrowed” a bit of the Bond title song “Live and Let Die”?


  24. Xeni –

    Noboru Iguchi did not direct Tokyo Gore Police; he only did a little bit of work on it. Yoshihiro Nishimura directed Tokyo Gore Police, and he is also the makeup/effects guru for RoboGeisha (and Machine Girl), which is probably how it got confused.

  25. subheight640 @17 This kind of ridiculous action may be nice for maybe 3 minutes, but a entire movie full of it becomes very tiresome.

    Yeah, that was kind of my impression after seeing this trailer: I don’t think actually seeing the movie in its entirety would add much to the experience. All the good stuff is in the trailer. Besides, I don’t think it gets any better than the epic narration of “fried shrimp”.

  26. Oh man, I loled so hard at Tengu Milk. Hope this is better than Onechambura, another Japanese girls and gore B movie which looked promising but was really boring.

  27. If you enjoy this watch: Tokyo Gore Police, and Machine Girl. mmmmmm showers of blood

  28. Looks promising, but after Machine Girl’s tempura-arm scene (and then, you know, the rest of the movie) I don’t think I will be able to bring myself to watch any more Japanese gore movies.

  29. was the soundtrack some sort of community service gig paul mcartney had to do for getting busted for pot in japan?

  30. Got bored after three seconds.

    I hope Tarentino doesn’t see this. Could the world survive a Kill Bill/Grind house/Ostentatious mouthed references to samurai damashii effort?

  31. “Tall Rawte…Bruebelly scone!”

    the Japanese never seem to tire of Japanese comedians pretending to be gaijin speaking Japanese either….

  32. If you want to see this movie and you are anywhere near Dallas this week, check it out at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas – we premiered it to a sold out crowd this past weekend and are presenting an encore showing this Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.

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