Video of Walt Disney World's Obamabot

The Obamabot 3000 is ready to be unveiled at Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents, along with the Mark II George Washingtron ("Now with real talking action!") and a Gettysburg-complete Lincolnbot.

No word on whether the Obamabot will allow release of the photos of the waterbotting on Pleasure Island, a no-go zone for civilians for several years now.

We're just sorting out our Christmas at Disney World plans -- our first WDW trip with the baby -- and I'm looking forward to this. There is something eerily cool and compelling about all those hyper-detailed robots nodding and twitching at you from out of the uncanny valley while Maya Angelou tells you about the War Between the States.

A remarkably lifelike Audio-Animatronics figure of President Barack Obama enters the spotlight in a revised and refreshed Hall of Presidents show when it reopens July 4 in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. The addition of the countrys 44th chief executive is just part of the most significant update to this classic attraction since its 1971 debut in the parks Liberty Square.

Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin helped develop the show with Disney Imagineers. In this video they talk about the Hall of Presidents: A Celebration of Libertys Leaders.

Barack Obama Joins Hall of Presidents at Disney's Magic Kingdom (Thanks, Patricio!)


  1. For the record, the narrator of the new show is Morgan Freeman, not Maya Angelou (Angelou was replaced by J.D. Hall back in 2001 when they installed W).

    I’m still waiting for the flash-bake redo.

  2. A robotic Obama, faultlessly programmed and totally fake: we needed Disney for this?

    But maybe the Robo-Obama’s more convincing in its explanations for its refusal to fight for GLBT rights, accountability, rule of law? Maybe he’ll love me more than the carbon-based Obama? Help, I’m having a PKD, uncanny valley, existential terror moment!

  3. I think I have just figured out how Obama came out in support of indefinite detention and bombing civilians with drones…

  4. Where’s the build sheet? WHERE’S THE BUILD SHEET?!?!! WHAT ARE YOU HIDING????????????

  5. Now I know why Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate.

    Not only is he not human, he’s not even alive!!!

  6. And now, some First Impressions:

    Watching it now: Impressive technology, attempting to cross the uncanny valley, unique display of history, etc.

    Watching it thirty years ago, when fresh out of kindergarten: AIEEE! ZOMBIE CHET ARTHUR! KILL IT WITH FIRE, DADDY!

  7. very interesting how far robotic/animation has evolved. Hopefully it will in time, take over all the useless banterings of the carbon unit mugglings.

  8. I, for one, will sleep better knowing that Obama is now backed up.

  9. I saw this display way back in the early nineties. It was kinda neat, even then. The technology has come a LONG way since then, too.

    On the linked video, some insane right winger has come out and while most of his comments had been marked spam and were unreadable, a few made it through.

    I kid you know, he really is pressing for the birth certificate, demanding proof that people voted for Obama at all, promising to take out the president and threatening any of us to play the race card in front of a “real person.”

    Atlanteans, lizardmen and grays please for a line to the right.

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