iPhone app lets you squash Wall Streeters

Susannah Breslin is a guestblogger on Boing Boing. She is a freelance journalist who blogs at Reverse Cowgirl and is at work on a novel set in the adult movie industry.

Squash the $treet is a game for your iPhone that enables you to express your violent dislike of all those smarmy bankers that Americans like to blame for the economic collapse.

Financial Crisis? Let your rage rain down on the crooks and swindlers who caused it.

Watch the shady bankers, creepy fraudsters and corrupt CEOs flee their gilded offices, sprinting for the nearest escape vehicle. Squash and flick the snarky scoundrels up and down the streets and sidewalks in the festering heart of the city where all the thievery and greed began.

Recoup your losses with the monetary awards you receive from successfully squashing the white-collared criminals who stole your retirement savings. Fund your unending vengeful rampage with precious metal bonuses hoarded from certain embezzlers who just couldn't grab enough.

Be a responsible steward: avoid bankruptcy or your bubble will burst.

Special features include: "Special powerups that boost your squash rate and resentment streak," "Bloody spatter effects," and "Panicked voice-acting and screams by actual bankers." Sounds like fun!

Squash the $treet (Thanks, RW!)


  1. Killing people = Approved.

    Book reader that can download the Kama Sutra = Rejected.

    Way to go Apple, show good taste.

  2. Is there an app to squash the idiots who took out loans with money they didn’t have.


  3. “.. all those smarmy bankers that Americans like to blame for the economic collapse.”


    Newsflash: they are primarily to blame.

    – Trillions of dollars of complex derivatives, essentially un-regulated betting.

    – Opaque, securitized mortgages

    – Predatory lenders like Countrywide.

    – Wallet-raping credit.

    – All made possible by their own lobbying.

    Sure, there were people that took out mortgages they couldn’t afford, racked up huge credit card debt, and/or otherwise fucked themselves up all their own.

    Sure Peak Oil kicked the economy in the guts.

    But forgetting the primary reason for all of this just means we’ll be repeating it sometime soon. =/

  4. These fake names of famous Wall St houses are pretty funny, but by far my favorite riff on financial collapse is “Capital None”.

  5. Sooo… basically it´s a remake of that old classic sociopathic flash game “Ant City” with bankers added for extra fun?


    Ok, I would gladly pay to have that on my iphone. With or without bankers. Squish!

    Wich kinda makes you wonder if the bankers aren’t just window dressing to make the game easier for the apple censors to swallow. Commenting on recent events gives you broader creative licence, perhaps? There´s a lesson to be lerned for the kama sutra folks…

  6. anyone notice this looks like the original top down version of Grand Theft Auto (1)

  7. EEYOREX – I think more correctly it is a re-make, re-imagining of xBill, probably one of my favorite Free Open Source Software applications…

    If you want to play xBill in your browser, look no further!

  8. Jose,Can’t You See.
    ‘Tis Mammon’s way,like”In God We Trust”
    As CEO’s plunder and business goes bust.
    The stock market wavers twixt the Bull and Bear,
    Bankrupts,Debtors Defaulters,all share.

    In the American Dream,free fiscal slaves,
    Victims of greed and corporate knaves.
    Plastic specie for plastic minds?
    “America the Free”,the myth that binds……

  9. @zubaz: Do we have to start all that again? It’s just retarded to suggest that the entire economies of the most industrialized nations on Earth were brought down by a bunch of poor people who deliberately decided (all together?) to borrow money they couldn’t afford.

    Also, what cbuchner1 said.

  10. Goldman Sachs has stolen your our future.
    Tech Bubble – Goldman Sachs
    Oil Futures Trading= High Gas Prices – Goldman Sachs
    Housing Bubble – Goldman Sachs
    Green Bubble – Carbon Offset Trading – Guess Who?

    Blame? Facts.

  11. Would this app have been approved if the “bankers” wore turbins and had tans? Bet not, that would be bad taste/offensive…

    DCULBERSON posited:

    Anon13, assertions are not facts.

    I’m not sure they teach that distinction in public schools any more, since those rat b-tards in the Bush Administration failed to include that in their NCLB testing, and the teachers will only teach to the test to preserve their careers at all cost.

    But that is just my assertion, not fact. ;^)

  12. I feel so bad for the bankers. What an awful game, done in poor taste. Someone get these guys another bailout, I think their feelings have been hurt.

  13. All this hating won’t lead anywhere good.

    Some countries frame this with laws limiting hate speach. Those countries have it right.

  14. I remember a game just like this, but all the people getting killed had turbans instead of suits. What a laugh riot. Lesse…was everyone okay with that one…don’t recall…

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