M.I.A. and Santogold in new N.A.S.A. Project video: "Whatchadoin?"


9 Responses to “M.I.A. and Santogold in new N.A.S.A. Project video: "Whatchadoin?"”

  1. jahknow says:

    Bonus points for the video illustrating the proper use of the Zephinie Escape Chute.

  2. ill lich says:

    And here’s why she changed her name.


    Santo Rigatuso (who was charged with fraud, though probably his biggest sin was not saving a print of his insane movie) feels SantIgold has damaged his reputation.


  3. nnguyen says:

    nice video, but that is one annoying song.

  4. eviladrian says:

    Aw, I got really excited at the idea of NASA getting MIA up to talk up their new shuttle mission. I mean, they spent a billion dollars just to fill the tank, I’m sure they could afford her appearance fee.

  5. seth matthew says:

    She’s Santigold now, has been for months. Gosh, BoingBoing, it’s like reading Rolling Stone with my dad!

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      @Seth, deep breath buddy. It is our policy not to modify the credits that artists provide to us. In the credits, the artist is listed as “Santogold.” If Prince contributed and changed his name the following week, I’d do the same.

  6. Syd says:

    @ 4 I know you are being sarcastic but for the record at the time of the recording she was Santogold and that’s how she is credited and what is printed on the physical CD. Does this exchange make us credit Nazi’s?

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