HOWTO make dust-goggles from a bra-strap, light-bulb screens, and an old biker jacket

Tim sez, "I made these goggles for the dust in the desert at Burning Man. I am posting these images as instructions for those who might want to try making some of their own. Good goggles for the desert are hard to find and they are very expensive if you do. These are made from an old leather jacket, and from two pieces of tempered and UV resistant glass that I got from the halogen 'puck style' lights. I popped the glass out of the plastic ring. They also sell tinted circles that can be used for torch brazing which would be great. I wanted these for night also, so I'm leaving them clear. The whole process took about 3 hours. If you have any questions please email me. You can get the address from our website."

How to make Dust Goggles (Thanks, Tim!)