Haunted Mansion 40th birthday video

Dan sez, "Its been 40 years since the Grim Grinning Ghosts first opened their doors and invited guests into the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Take a look back to the beginning with Walt and the Imagineers who created the beloved attraction. From stretching rooms to hitch hiking ghosts the 999 Happy Haunts never disappoint and always invite guests to hurry back!"

Haunted Mansion Celebrates 40 Years of Happy Haunts! (Thanks, Dan!)


  1. One of the (few) benefits of growing up in Central Florida was the fact that, since so many teens found work at Disney, we always had a good supply of complimentary “magic key” tickets (this was in the days of A-E tickets, and so the “magic key” tickets were awesome, because they were universal).

    As a result, going to Disney World was a very common thing to do on the odd weekend, and a fun place to take a date.

    The Haunted Mansion was my all-time favorite spot for this, especially for the part where your ride car reclined backwards down the staircase. Best place in the Kingdom for a quick teenage grope.

  2. I’m 27, just went to the Magic Kingdom for the 5th or 6th time in my life – Disney was a family favorite growing up.

    As much contempt as I hold for the Disney corporation, I really respect what their creatives have done through the years with the parks. Analyzing how much work is put into details is mind-blowing.

    Other classic rides involve a lot of mechanical ingenuity and special effects, but they grew old and dated; this one still feels weird and kinda creepy after all these years.

  3. hmm, wtf, ?


    40 years of Unix

    Given such permanent change, anything that survives for more than one generation of processors deserves a nod.

    Think then what the Unix operating system deserves because in August 2009, it celebrates its 40th anniversary. And it has been in use every year of those four decades and today is getting more attention than ever before.

  4. I’ve been lucky enough to walk through the ride on foot. When you can really stop and pay close attention to the detail, it is really spectacular.


  5. I was at Disneyland yesterday and rode the Haunted Mansion twice. Mostly to marvel at the new bride’s chamber. They added some neat things in there.

  6. I used to have a little 33rpm record & accompanying Disney book (remember: “Turn the page when Tinkerbell rings her little bell like this…”) based on the Haunted Mansion. It was my absolute favourite – so creepy &, unlike the other Disney books, which had closed narratives, seemed to refer to a world outside of itself.

  7. Cory, you’re not helping.

    It isn’t bad enough that your constant Disney posts (not to mention “Down And Out”) finally convinced me that I might like Disney. It isn’t not bad enough I took the family down to Disneyworld this June, and had one of the best times of my life. It isn’t not bad enough that my wife started planning a trip back for December after we got back in June. It isn’t bad enough that I’m sitting on my couch right now, wearing my Disney t-shirt, writing this complaint to you.

    But, on top of all that, you post a clip showing me just SOME of the stuff I missed in the Haunted Mansion? The same day you show home movie footage of Disneyland?

    That’s just not fair!

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