Canadian copyright consultation -- video explains why you should get involved

Michael Geist sez, "Science fiction author Karl Schroeder, Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, Wide Mouth Mason drummer Safwan Javed,'s Bob Young, and Nettwerk music exec Terry McBride are among the people in this short video talking about copyright reform as Canadians have the chance for three more weeks to speak out on copyright." Speak Out On Copyright: The Video


  1. I’m surprised you guys haven’t reported on our efforts to dissolve the CRTC.
    Our petition’s got legs people, it’s been on the CBC and a few radio stations. Not to mention the SVP of regulation for Telus is all butthurt about it.

    Please guys, right now THIS is where our fight is in Canada… They’re killing the internet in Canada, we have less than 90 days to stop them!

    If you want to help Canadians, do a writeup on our efforts to stop the CRTC from imposing 60GB caps on EVERYONE!

  2. Jayzis. Those chiptunes overlayed on top of the dialog made me want them to ratify the wipo treaty.

    In all seriousness I can’t imagine why Canada would ever consider following the US’s lead on anything.

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