Stop-motion Lego tribute to 8-bit video games

8-Bit Trip is a stupendous stop-motion Lego tribute to classic video games (chiptune soundtrack, of course) filled with wicked in-jokes. It reportedly took 1500 hours to create. I believe it.

8-bit trip (via Waxy)


  1. Seems almost like they were trying to do a demoscene in 8-bit using real life legos. Why do I say that? the choice of visual art is similar to that of what a demoscene would be like (including the music and video in 8-bit).

    It’s awesome, and I love how well they made it LOOK like 8 bit, down to the timing of the animations.

  2. I agree with the anonymous poster above — this is very demoscene-ish.

    With that said… awesome!

  3. Holy wow. Wow! Epic! Amazing! More words to describe how awed I am!

    On a side note – I can’t imagine that this really is stop-motion. It has to be a fancy way of rendering – I can’t imagine that someone would do years and years of lego for this :)

  4. Garmt @ 8: “I can’t imagine that this really is stop-motion. It has to be a fancy way of rendering ”

    As I was watching it, I suspected it was a combination of both.

  5. it was all really impressive! the rotating pong wall was especially nice. Stop motion’s no cakewalk, so if these guys decided to tough it out for art’s sake, my hat goes off to them for delivering on this wonderfully ambitious endeavor.


  6. wow!

    Amazing animation!

    getting rid of the cheap video titles (‘press play’)
    and the pixelated non-lego images, would make it much better.

  7. Brings back great memories of my C64.

    I can only wonder if the guy really dresses like that, or if it’s a homage to the character ‘Roger Frames’ from Commodore 64 Format magazine (who bought ‘budget games’)


  8. Absolutely amazing… Especially the last ‘zoom-in’ scene.

    BTW, around 3:06, the guy to the left – is it just me or does he look a bit like Cory Doctorow?

  9. Holy shit that’s awesome! The video sequences are mind-blowing!

    I began to appreciate the level of dedication when I noticed the belts of the karate dudes were moving between opposite kicks. Just unreal!

  10. @ gramt: Graphics rendering, even in its most advanced form has some sort of quality about it that allows you to tell its made with a 3D modeler. There are definitely parts that were edited and reused. I.E. – The same scene with the 3 karate guys kicking over and over. And the NES controller with the hand, not part of the stop motion.

    You can just tell. 95% of it has to be done with the actual legos, the stop motion pictures have a different quality than a rendered video. And if it was done with a 3D modeling program, then that is the BEST artist I have ever seen. Because the legos, the stop motion effect, the lightning, shadows, glare and all that jazz looked 100% authentic. And some of that stuff is hard to create via CG.

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