The blog of Philip Garrido, serial rapist and kidnapper: "sound control" gadget hallucinations.


In 1991, after having been paroled, convicted kidnapper and rapist Phillip Garrido snatched an 11 year old girl named Jaycee Dugard off the street. He kept her captive for 18 years, repeatedly raped her, and fathered two children from those rapes. Jaycee gave birth to the first child when she was 14. There may be additional child victims. And investigators are now also looking for clues that could link Garrido with a series of 10 unsolved murders nearby, in which prostitutes were sexually violated before they were killed.

Garrido maintained a blogspot blog which amounts to a disturbing look inside the internal thought process of a monster. That blog includes numerous postings about an electronic invention he wished to patent, that allowed him to "control sound" using his "mental powers." Snip:

This document is to affirm that I Phillip Garrido have clearly demonstrated the ability to control sound with my mind and have developed a device for others to witness this phenomena. by using a sound generator to provide the sound, and a headphone amplification system, ( a device to focuc your hearing so as to increase the sensitivity of what one is listening to) I have produced a set of voices by effectively controlling the sound to pronounce words through my own mental powers.
His brother told the press today that Garrido did a lot of LSD when younger. Phillip Garrido believes that having children with the child he abducted and raped cured him of pedophilia. Blogging under the user name THEMANWHOSPOKEWITHHISMIND, Garrido wrote,
This all began by God removing a problem from my shoulders that behavioral scientist believe is not possible to remove. since then my life has seen major improvements allowing me to stand here today a free man.
His crazy hallucinations about controlling sound and controlling human thought and will are not at all unrelated to his crimes. Garrido housed his victims in a series of makeshift tents and soundproofed shelters in his back yard, in such a way that neighbors, according to several reports, "never heard a thing."

Picture 14.jpg

Despite Garrido's careful schemes to "control sound" and control the behavior and visibility of his captives, at least one neighbor did suspect something, and contacted authorities. The police came to Garrido's property, and didn't go in the back yard to check.

The deputy determined that no crime had been committed even though he did not enter or ask to enter the backyard, the sheriff said.
I wonder how many other opportunities were missed before an unnamed female campus security officer at UC Berkeley started the chain of events that would lead to Dugard's freedom, and that of her two children. Update: The officer's name is Ally Jacobs.

Here's the Megan's Law database entry for Phillip Garrido. (Tip: want to totally creep yourself out, and/or protect your family? Search the database for entries located near your home or place of work).

Yesterday, he gave a lengthy, rambling phone interview with a local TV station. You can listen to the whole interview with Garrido here. It is chilling. Snip from transcript:

"It's a disgusting thing that took place with me in the beginning. But I turned my life completely around (...) What's kept me busy the last several years is I've completely turned my life around. And you're going to find the most powerful story coming from the witness, the victim - you wait.

If you take this a step at a time, you're going to fall over backwards and in the end, you're going to find the most powerful heart-warming story."

May he rot in hell.

BB commenter Mojave adds,

An interesting little side note to this story is that [his] van was captured on googlestreetview as it left the house of horrors. I think even calling the guy a monster is too nice. Gives monsters a bad name.
And other BB commenters note that related images taken by the Google Street View van on that same day seem to show that Garrido's van may have followed the Google van with interest.


  1. Let’s just have all those police officers who thought that this story was a joke, please sign here.

  2. Well it looks like he’s got a good foundation for an insanity plea (which is not to say he should be allowed back into society, ever). I wonder what his wife’s excuse is?

  3. [[I wonder what his wife’s excuse is?]]

    They both were directly involved with the kidnapping. She stayed there the entire time and clearly thinks there’s nothing wrong.

    It’s insanity all around.

  4. we warned you about the consequences of using LSD, we told you it would transform you into raging rape warriors and crime kings!

    but did you listen? NO! all to many times have i heard young innocents claim that it opens your mind to higher planes of consciousness and some other hilarious nonsense. science has proven time and time again that this substance is dangerous and must be controlled.

    perhaps if you monsters had listened than this little girl could have been saved.

  5. I doubt the guy’s going to be able to read the 427 comments (and counting) left on his latest blog entry.

  6. if you follow with google street view, whoever is driving the van follows googles black vw with those cameras on top, and if you follow to the end of the intersection you can see his interest in it…too bad google then replaces the rest of this drive with different map images since its now a different road after the turn, and they msut have the better tif images to see if anyones in the van besides the driver.,ca&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=48.15347,79.013672&ie=UTF8&t=h&layer=c&cbll=38.008037,-121.772595&panoid=_5Gfq8xFRnaJ7lJRjLr1pA&cbp=12,117.55,,0,15.05&ll=38.007863,-121.772633&spn=0,359.830399&z=14&iwloc=A

  7. terranaut – Since he was clearly controlling the GoogleVW with his mind that whole time, he must have been distracted by something.

  8. Heheh. I’m getting a kick reading through the absolutely vicious comments on the blog.

    Nothing unites people like universal rage.

  9. Hawley, “Science?” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  10. Now, clearly, this guy truly believes he has done nothing wrong (heartwarming, even). What does that teach you about the pliability of reality through one’s perspective?!

    Answer: It teaches you that each of us is living in our own world in a very real sense.

    Is he wrong? Not in his world.

    Are you wrong? …


    I totally get where you’re coming from. With boingboing, I never know exactly where on the “wonderful scale” a post will fall, so a cute video of a kid wearing a home-made chicken walker suit ends up right next to photo of a man getting machete’d to death.

    Perhaps a NOTWONDERFUL window could block anything that was grim, horrifying, or made me want to curl up and weep out of shame for my humanity?

    That way, the front page could stay wonderful, and I could pick and choose my horror at my leisure.

    I love this directory of wonderful things and I’d love to find a way to even the content out tonally.


  12. Ugh, that might be the creepiest street view to date. Even worse, if you follow it in reverse, it is as if the creepy van is luring you to the creepy house. *shudder*

  13. Crikey, there are some scary people commenting on his blog. And the blog itself seems to clearly indicate he’s bonkers, and not just bonkers, but stark raving bonkers – so much so one wonders how he managed to function in society to such an extent that he wasn’t hospitalised.

  14. SUPERFORESTNYC, I’m not sure if understand how a window would block things tagged NOTWONDERFUL but perhaps me mean a link to an alternate BoingBoing page where all of the posts tagged as grisly downer posts instead show unicorns? That’s not a bad idea.

  15. I am not unconvinced that he isn’t an acid casualty (I’ve known a few–witnessed one go down the rabbit hole for good in fact.) Most likely his schizophrenia was triggered in part and perhaps amplified by his acid habit.

    Frankly if the D.A.R.E. officers drove home just how fucking scary this drug can be — and the irreversible consequences — instead of telling you that you’ll hear colors and fee like you can fly, then few kids would use the stuff.

    Acid is probably the drug I’d advocate most to stay away from. It can be fun, but also awful and life-destroying.


    I use this example with caution, but on perezhilton, when he posts things that are really dark or stomach-churning, there is a placeholder for the post that reads something like: “Only click if you like being offended”

    So like you sign onto bb, and as you scroll down the occasional post has like a dead unicorn image and the NOTWONDERFUL tag.

    Click on the dead ‘corn and brace yourself for darkness.

    That way, you could read your boingboing and avoid the less wonderful at your discretion.

    I’d like to have my cake and eat it to. As in take the gross and horrifying with the sweet and whimsical, but have some control over how much visually reached me.

    Seems an easy fix…

  17. “That observant neighbor reported their suspicions to police. The police came to Garrido’s property, and didn’t go in the back yard to check…..I wonder how many other opportunities were missed…”

    Ummmm, wouldn’t those “opportunities” be basically warrantless searches based on the hearsay of a neighbour?

    I’m not condoning what this guy did, clearly he is insanely evil, and I do wish he had been caught earlier. But, the irony of that statement on a site otherwise so dedicated to civil liberties & personal privacy bugs me just a little.

    /Devil’s Advocate

    1. When you are on parole they have a right to search your or your property without any apparent reason. They were free to search everything.

      They also actually talked to two of the girls, the mom and the oldest daughter.


  18. It seems like every week there’s a post on BoingBoing that broadcasts outrage about the police hassling people on spurious grounds.
    I think it should be acknowledeged that in this case, if this guy hadn’t been hassled by the cops at Berkeley for distributing leaflets, Jaycee Dugard would never have been saved.

  19. I only have the following to say to the public; call it an affidavit if you will:


    I decided to christen this extraordinary ability, “speech.”

    That is all.

  20. im concerned about the LSD angle in all this…

    from yahoo news :
    “Garrido’s father, Manuel Garrido, also told The Associated Press Friday that his son is “absolutely out of his mind.” He said Garrido fell into a bad crowd when he was younger and started taking LSD.
    The elder Garrido said the drugs changed him from a good boy, whom everybody loved, to a crazy person.
    Speaking by phone from his house in Brentwood, Manuel Garrido said he hasn’t seen his son in years and has never been to the house where the encampment allegedly was set up.
    He said his ex-wife, Phillip Garrido’s mother, has dementia and is not well. She also lived in the Antioch house”

    yeah…. so the mom had dementia.. but the lsd, thats what did it.

    hey, the 80’s called, they want their drug war back.

  21. @Flashman: I think it should be acknowledeged that in this case, if this guy hadn’t been hassled by the cops at Berkeley

    You’re right! It is truly miraculous!

    Let’s all join hand and praise the coppers for taking time out of beating the shit out of tanned people and actually do their job.

  22. It’s pretty obvious that this guy has schizophrenia. What’s tragic is that he has been in and out of the justice system and somehow his illness has never been addressed or treated. Granted it is very hard to force treatment on mentally ill people if they are not a danger to themselves or others. But a convicted rapist??? Hello? They could have had someone at his house every single day making sure he took the right antipsychotic meds as a condition of his parole.

    It is worth considering that a large proportion of mentally ill people are being “cared for” in the criminal justice system–they are not being treated, rehabilitated, or controlled because their behavior does not follow the rules of rational behavior. The parole officer could not have picked up on anything wrong because in Garrido’s world, everything was fine.

  23. @15 Marcel:
    > Is he wrong? Not in his world.
    > Are you wrong? …

    Yes, he is wrong. Even in his world. Am I wrong? No. Are you high or just dumb?

    @19 Simonbarsinster
    > I have kids.
    > It caused me pain to read about this guy.

    Really, you have kids so you’re some sort of magical empathy guy?

  24. perhaps the CIA and other well funded public entities (the alphabet soup people) could divert a little time from torture and domestic spying on political enemies and maybe look for these psycho cases in an organized manner.

  25. Boing-Boing Gadgets often uses tiny stubs for the less-compelling stuff. Could you at least use stubs for worthless people like this?

    The most popular excuse for giving these people attention is that we’re getting to understand the criminal-mind better, but I’d love to see a break down of how many readers:

    a) just enjoy the rush of being shocked
    b) unhappily wallowed in it
    c) were given a profound realization that inspired them to quit their job to use their new-found wisdom in law enforcement/investigation for the betterment of humanity.

  26. Takuan — You mean stop eavesdropping on and abducting and torturing “foreigners” and focus their skills within the US borders? ’cause that’d clearly be unconstitutional… ;)

    There really is an unsettling issue here, in that this creep didn’t get caught when the cops exercised restraint in searching his house on the basis of a neighbor’s tip, and did catch him when they were hassling him for distributing leaflets. This is about as close to the “ticking timebomb” argument against civil liberties as the real world gets. It feels creepy to say that the price of our freedom is that sometimes little girls get held as sex slaves for 18 years.

    I’d personally be comfortable saying that while a lot of the current draconian laws about where sex offenders can live and work are excessive, perhaps they _shouldn’t_ be entitled to the same freedom from warrantless searches as the rest of us. But it’s a tough call how far down the slippery slope one wants to go.

  27. i’m continually incredulous with this countries legal system as it pertains to kidnapping and sexual assault.

    why they ever let these guys out of prison is… it’s just un.fucking.believable.

    meanwhile, others got 99 years w/ no possibility for parole for having a joint in Nevada.

    these psychos are, in a lot of ways, worse than murderers. sure getting killed sucks, but it only sucks for so long. for the 18 years he had that girl locked up, she was, effectively, worse than dead. and now that she’s gotten out, how ‘alive’ can she possibly be, really?

  28. Note to self: if you ever decide to do something really horrible, like, say, blowing up the Moon, consider taking time beforehand to write a giant blog full of plausible crazy and arrange to have it leaked to the general public upon discovery of your heinous crimes. It might save you being lynched by an angry torch-wielding mob, and your defense attorney will thank you.

  29. Nancy and Philip Garrido deserve to rot in a high security prison for the rest of their natural lives. The death penalty would be too good for them. Like with the Fritzl case in Austria, what they have done is unforgivably evil. The insanity defense hinges only upon someone being so out of their mind that they do not know what they’re doing. These people, whether they understood the evil of their actions or not, knew their actions were wrong because they sought to hide the victims.

    This is wonderful news only in the sense that they have been discovered for what they are. We would like to learn what to look for so that others like these people are discovered and dealt with.

    I hope the Garridos live long, miserable, pointless lives in max security prison. It is actually a fitting punishment for the crimes they committed.

  30. Far be it from me to blame anything on LSD, but the bad rap comes from the fact that it has been found to have detrimental effects to those who are psychotic, often sending them from the fringe to round the bend entirely. (See Pink Floyd’s founder Syd Barrett for a prominent example.) So use your recreational drugs responsibly folks, (good environment, only people you trust around you, an experienced guide who is not tripping present, etc.) and never dose anyone w/o consent. Only bend minds that have some elasticity. Fragile minds might break entirely, and then we all have to pick up the pieces.

  31. massive fail on the part of the police and neighbors. Let’s see if the family or concerned onlookers fix things.

  32. So I understand that law enforcement had investigated this thing (I refuse to call him a man) and found nothing. They searched his property but failed to notice the prison/rape camp that took up nearly half his property. It’s as if they’ve never even heard of google maps. All it would have taken is a cursory glance to realize that there was something happening back there, big blue tarps, what looks like a swimming pool, a number of makeshift structures (none of which were permitted I’m sure) there were so many balls dropped in this investigation it’s a miracle she was ever discovered. I hope that law enforcement can learn something from this, when you go to search a property, print off a satellite map of the location mark off the property lines, and search EVERYWHERE, it’s your JOB.

  33. I detest what this person has done with all my heart, but I think it’s important to remember that he is not a monster, not some kind of “other”. He is an extremely mentally ill human being. I suppose this is stating the obvious and when people scream “monster” at cases like this they aren’t necessarily being literal, but I think too often people want to compartmentalize and separate people like this from other humans in terms of the capacity to commit acts like this. The only real difference between him and any other human, is the extreme mental illness and the horrible events it led to. Big difference I know, but He is still human and we need to accept that.

  34. Police are notoriously standoffish when dealing with anything that they think might be a domestic dispute. Milwaukee police returned one of Jeffrey Dahmer‘s escaped victims to be murdered and eaten.

    It has nothing to do with restraint or respect for the Constitution. And why would a convicted kidnapper and rapist enjoy those Constitutional rights anyway? Felons lose many of their civil rights; why allow them to keep one that so effectively allows them to continue a life of crime?

  35. There were 15 other kidnapping and rape news stories on Google news today, most of them court convictions, but this one is the worst.

    Well except maybe the conviction of Tommy Poindexter, for involvement in a gang rape involving 10 gangbangers that gang raped a woman and then made her perform oral sex on her 10 year old son.

    Other fun statistics: 4 involved murder, 2 involved under aged women, 2 involved cops, and two were acquitted.

    Have a good weekend!

  36. @#43, not all mentally ill people rape and kill.

    Also, we’re not MDs here, and we’re not competent to judge the status of someone’s mental health from the contents of his blog. He might just be an evil person, entirely in command of his faculties, as he himself professed repeatedly on his blog.

    Either way, may he rot in hell.

    Yeah, he’s a fucking monster.

  37. Far be it from me to blame anything on LSD, but the bad rap comes from the fact that it has been found to have detrimental effects to those who are psychotic, often sending them from the fringe to round the bend entirely. (See Pink Floyd’s founder Syd Barrett for a prominent example.)

    In reference to inducing latent psychosis, yea, that’s “common knowledge,” but I’ve never seen a credible scientific study showing this so I’m afraid [citation needed].

    As for Syn Barrett: It should be stated that shortly after death, his sister went on record saying it was a bunch of hogwash. He had some emotional problems, she said, but that “he took so much acid and went crazy” thing was just 60’s drug mythology.

    See this link for details.

  38. yes Xeni, he is a monster. But I would prefer you let my kind hate and ultimately dispose of him. Please limit the infection and damage.

  39. I worry that we hear about something like this and then get all freaked out and start passing really bad laws like the 3 Strikes Laws.

    This is a horrible, horrible fucked up thing that happened. Law enforcement should definitely try to learn whatever we can from this tragedy. I actually told my 3 year old child today that if anybody he didn’t know tried to grab him he should run away as fast as he could and hide. Believe me, cases like this leave their mark on us all.

    But. Bad laws are bad. We shouldn’t let freakish and horrifying things like this sway us to voting in draconian sentencing rules that do so much more harm than good.

    It is near impossible to keep our heads about us at the insanity we see. But keep our heads we must.

    1. I worry that we hear about something like this and then get all freaked out and start passing really bad laws like the 3 Strikes Laws.

      The only problem with a 3 Strikes Law in this case is that it should be a 1 Strike Law. If you’re convicted of kidnapping and rape, you really should get life without parole. Or at least life until you’re so old that you can’t harm anyone anymore. We should stop focusing on punishment and start focusing on harm reduction.

  40. Is he medically sick (as opposed to “fucked up sick”); an uncontrollable puppet of his drug induced schizophrenia? Possibly…did he commit Evil, repeatedly? Almost certainly by his own admission. Is the right course of action now a doctor or a priest or indeed a bullet? That is a matter for our individual & personal beliefs. Two things are clear: 1) if convicted (by like an actual court rather than the interwebs) he and his accomplices need to be removed from the poplulation, one way or the other according to the local societal norms – not my place to presume to judge. But 2)how the hell do these people manage to pull these things off? We read about people’s kids being taken from them because they brought them once to a PG 13 film or whatever and the likes of this can happen in 1st world countries (UK, Austria, USA)?

  41. Or at least life until you’re so old that you can’t harm anyone anymore. We should stop focusing on punishment and start focusing on harm reduction.

    Godd in theory, perhaps, but in practice three-strikes/mandatory sentencing is rarely about harm reduction, and more usually about reaction to, well, cases like these. Yes, laws should be in part about harm reduction, but the sad fact is that they rarely are(drug policy comes immediately to mind, but there are many other examples).

  42. I read an article this morning stating that this dirtbag had been jailed in the 70s for kidnap, released on lifetime parole, violated said parole, then was back in jail later for rape.

    WHY was this fucker let out, and then let out again?

  43. Yeah, Antinous, no love for mandatory sentencing, seriously. I can appreciate the desire to keep creeps off the street, but there are better ways to accomplish it. Judges already have sentencing guidelines, you don’t need to force their hands.

    1. Judges already have sentencing guidelines, you don’t need to force their hands.

      If you could just give me one single good reason why a kidnapper/rapist should ever be let out of jail.

  44. So use your recreational drugs responsibly folks, (good environment, only people you trust around you, an experienced guide who is not tripping present, etc.) and never dose anyone w/o consent. Only bend minds that have some elasticity. Fragile minds might break entirely, and then we all have to pick up the pieces.


    Come on.

    What is this bullshit?

    People are, and should be, free to take LSD. They’re going to anyway. But it is playing Russian Roulette with your brain. You don’t know who’s “elastic” and who’s “fragile” until the pieces are on the floor. That’s how you tell the difference. No matter what a great hippie party you arrange for yourself, there is nothing “responsible” about taking LSD and certainly not about encouraging others to do it.

    If anybody cares, yes I’ve done it, no I probably won’t do it again.

  45. Wolfiesma- tell him to scream, bite, kick, yell “this is not my Dad/Mum” and if he does end up in the boot of a car to do his damnedest to damage the taillights from inside. At least one kidnap case was nipped in the bud thanks to the car getting pulled over for a taillight.

  46. Actually, I don’t think I need any more advice on how to survive these grim doomsday scenarios. But thanks anyway.

  47. Well, it’s good to see they’ve gotten this Godless heathen off the streets…

    …er. Never mind.

  48. That streetview subjected me to the wierdest feeling of cyberstalking-by-proxy ever. Somewhere between an SVU webcam plot and “Strange Days
    Seeing as we lost the trail at the very first intersection, it’s hard to call it intentional (unless someone picks up the trail again in nearby streets) but man…

  49. So how is this guy different from Joseph Smith, exactly?
    How is what he says any kookier than the book of Mormon?

  50. I’m no shrink but my standing theory of pedophilia is that the pedophile imagines that they were happy or normal up until some childhood age where they changed in a way they feel impacts their adult sexual life. While sometimes seeking to return to that normal age experience they sometimes get frustrated with trying to “go back” and become normal, and instead feel that another easier alternative is that they must have sex with someone that represents that “normalcy” age.

    Mix in LSD and mental illness and you may be unable to truly work out that sexual normalcy thing. Its not like you have to be totally normal just don’t rape people, k?

  51. I don’t know that a kidnapper/rapist ever should get out. My point was that legislation birthed in the furnace of outrage, like the 3-strikes law which followed the abduction of Polly Klauss, often heralds a host of unintended consequences, while failing to actually address the problem. I don’t know that we do our best problem solving whipped up into a frenzy.

  52. Hawley (comment #5) blames LSD for this guy. Sorry, not buying it. One doesn’t do drugs and turn into a pedophile. It was there all along.

  53. The first clue about possible offence or shock was the phrase “serial rapist and kidnapper” right there in the headline. Everybody knows by now that BB occasionally posts things that require a unicorn chaser. Like excerpts from torture memos, or links to documentaries with hard content, or bits of soap meant to look like fetuses. You pays your money, you takes your chances. That’s the game. The editors and contributors here do not work to keep readers happy, they work to keep readers interested, informed, and engaged. That includes reporting on content that makes us squirm, especially if it’s from an interesting angle — like, say, a convicted sex offender’s use of available technologies to spout his crazy theories. If you like the content but not the images, sign up for the RSS feed or start following BB on Twitter. But BB is not our monkey. Our reaction to their content is not their responsibility. If we start expecting otherwise, the editors might cease to fulfill their mandate, the quality of the content might diminish.

    With that out of the way, I am so incredibly happy that this young woman has been reunited with her family after such a horrific ordeal. My sincere hope is that she and her two daughters receive the support and encouragement they’ll need to re-integrate into their new world.

  54. This ABC interview with the campus cop makes it sound like she wasn’t hassling him for exercising his First Amendment rights, but rather sat in on a meeting with a (obviously reasonably) nervous campus affairs person.

    As far as how you handle these sort of people…I have no idea, and that’s sort of my job. Judges hate mandatory sentencing, and the old saw about not sentencing people to equivalent terms as murder still holds some water in my mind. But when you see a 40 year-old guy get life only after his 3rd pedo conviction in 12 years(like we did recently), you wonder.

  55. We have the diagnostic knowledge to find these people, but not the will to implement screening on a nationwide, mandatory, and periodic basis.

    I mean, it’s those crazy people you have to lock up, not me.

    Back to Ray Bradbury’s “The Pedestrian”.

  56. Pedos sometimes do LSD
    Non-Pedos also do LSD

    Pedos sometimes eat hamburgers
    Non-Pedos also eat hamburgers.

    But hey, if why pass up a chance to link recreational drug-use to pedophilia?

    1. I used to do ten hits of acid at a time and I’m rarely attracted to anyone except professional wrestlers. Coincidence?

  57. I think people are making entirely too much out of the guy’s blog. The fact that he sound proofed the shed, and even went so far as to show the sound proof shed to a few neighbors initially (before the kidnapping) in order to have a cover story (that he’s a musician), that shows a lot of premeditation.

    Schizophrenics and premeditation tend not to go together. Part of why we find it easy to pity schizophrenics is that their demons make it hard for them to plan a proper escape from even the most lightly guarded psychiatric wards.

    Perhaps he started with the leafletting and the blog in order to have a ready defense when he got caught? A psych ward is a far nicer place to end your days compared to the Pelican Bay prison.

    Anyway, he was on parole and the neighbors were calling. The cops had the authority to search his place any time they felt like it. They messed up badly, but this is California, so naturally they will claim they were one tool short and need it from yet another Orwellian legislation.

    The main lesson I’m drawing from this is that cars are the problem. Without an automobile, it is impossible to abduct someone surreptitiously. You might snatch a baby, but for a kid of 11, it takes a car. And if I ever have a kid, I’m saying fuck this for a lark and moving to Holland, to some Dutch town where you can’t dive on most residential blocks without a key to a car-blocking gate.

  58. #77: I dunno, those little shiny shorts and superman capes can be damn sexy sometimes, and I never did LSD in my life.

  59. Most of this article was sensibly written- up the bit about checking the sex-offender database for nearby hits. It’s important to point out that the national sex-offender database means very little when you can be put on it for peeing in public (even if no child sees you), or for suntanning naked where your neighbour can watch. The list of ‘offenses’ that get you on the list means it’s useless as a tool for determining who the real creepies and wackos are. You really have to read it carefully and make a lot of judgment calls on your own in order to derive even the faintest level of protection from it. Just bear that in mind when researching your own local ‘sex offenders’.

  60. Ambiguity @ 51 and others who say there’s no evidence that LSD can permanently make people crazy:

    I’ve literally witnessed it happened to a close friend of mine. We all came down. He didn’t. he was maybe 17 or 16. We even hung out the next day; he adjusted to the trip but you could clearly tell he was still tripping. He didn’t make sense, and the look in his eyes gave away that he was still seeing things. I knew him closely for a few years after that and he was completely different.

    He actually (no joke) became really conservative and very much more Catholic. I still here from his other close friends that when he comes out, he’ll get too drunk and nearly violent. He’s about 25 now and I don’t believe he’s ever moved away from home.

    Before and after were as different as night and day. Mental illness probably ran in his family, and I’m next to sure that the acid triggered something.

    Don’t fuck around with that shit. Eat some mushrooms or MDMA if you must.

  61. I went to Garrido’s blog and read the comments, where the lynch mob is in a frenzy. But I found this nugget about “toluene exposure.”

    R M said…
    “Garrido had a small printing business, doing business cards and the like. Most people who do their own printing business totally disregard OSHA’s regulations about a safe working environment. Even in the best circumstance, an extremely high percentage of pressman suffer brain damage due to chemical exposure, espeially from the cleaning solutions used to clear a press of ink after every job. I used to run presses and hung with pressmen. Hearing voices was pretty common among the older guys. Anyway, the guy’s a brain damage case — toluene exposure. I bet his wife helped in the business, too.”

    I read that toluene exposure causes both distortion of sound and hallucinations. So we could be looking at a pedophile whose later neurological damage is unrelated to the original pathology.

  62. Gotta love how public opinion get all worked up on how to punish this guy, how to punish the wife, how to punish the police who didn’t get him earlier etc etc… and nobody that worries about what will happen now to that poor girl and her daughters.

    How is she supposed to re-adapt to her “normal” life? What about the daughters who never had a normal life, have probably been brainwashed with some Christian crap, and won’t be able to see their “daddy” anymore, and if/when they reach adulthood will have to deal with a horrible truth…?

  63. I used to do ten hits of acid at a time and I’m rarely attracted to anyone except professional wrestlers. Coincidence?

    If you’re a female, a gay man (or both?), or bisexual it’s nothing exceptional. Of course, if you’re talking about professional female wrestlers you could also be a straight male with particular tastes… and you mentioned ten hits of acid at a time…

  64. How come the authorities (the police) didn’t have
    free and easy access to this guy’s home?? Are we
    respecting pedophiles and kidnappers more than a
    guy who robs a bank? If he had been a guy who’d
    robbed a lot of money from some millionaire, he wouldn’t have been able to oppose a walk-around of his property at any time?? Am I wrong here????

  65. This man isn’t a monster. And thinking of him as one just needlessly complicates the issue. He is a human being that ultimately can be understood. Which means we as a society will get better at spotting the next such criminal before he abducts. Evil is understandable. It is horrifying and distasteful beyond compare, but it can be understood. I say we spend the next few decades picking apart his brain for useful data. It’s not like he’ll have a busy social life…

    I truly hope that with the right kind of help this woman and her daughters can build new and healthy lives.

  66. MDH,

    Me offering constructive criticism to a site I love and visit everyday is hardly worth your trolling.

    Many “NOTWONDERFUL” posts have commenters expressing a similar wish, that there was a way to visually screen out the shocking and horrible.

    I get your zen stance that “all is wonderful” but please…

    I’ve got my own blog. It’s called SuperForest, and it is all wonderful. Wonderful in a websters way, not a zen master way.

  67. Xeni, want to see something else depressing?

    The domain of have set themselves up as a scare site trying to extract subscription fees from frightened parents:

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with the true originators of the law who keep folks updated. More likely just some opportunistic low life.

  68. 1. The over-application of the “sexual offender” designation has completely undermined its meaning and allows truly dangerous individuals to fly under the radar.

    2. The paranoia fall-out will be devastating. Never expect an adult to even attempt eye-contact with a minor. Never expect to see a kid walking anywhere, at anytime, for any reason, unescorted.

    3. Some kid is going to get caught with LSD in the near future and suffer repercussions far beyond the pale out of spite towards this monster.

  69. So I’m at work on friday, learning how the fiche machines work, and the fiche operator says “hey, I just found out that an old neighbor from California got arrested for kidnapping a girl and keeping her in his backyard. We lived six houses down, and called him ‘Mr. G.’ He always walked his dog in park on Saturday. At least we thought it was his dog.”

  70. I’ve had glancing contact with a few killers and spoken with a few who had such with mass killers. As difficult as it is to see past form, there were clear signals. I’ve been utterly wrong about people so many times but I still think we can smell the skin-walking monsters. I meant exactly what I said above: human is as human does.

    There is a danger in insisting on humanity by unexamined principle. I wonder now, can the blind spot true psychopaths better?

  71. Not mentioned in this thread so far: Carl Probyn, Jaycee Dugard’s stepfather. It’s not just that he got to witness his stepdaughter being pulled into a van (and, he’s been sure for nearly two decades, taken to her death). That would be bad enough.

    But he has also, for the last eighteen years, been the only suspect for the crime of murdering his stepdaughter.

    In response to those well-intentioned people who are trying to remind us all that the Garridos are humans, not monsters: It’s a perfectly apposite use of the word “monster” to describe a person who does something monstrous. It does no violence to the language, nor to our facility for compassion, to recognize monstrousness when we see it. We don’t need to revel in it – there’s certainly a set of people for whom howling in execration is a preferred recreation – but we’re not sacrificing anything when we do it.

    And finally, something my girlfriend pointed out to me: It takes a lot of disturbing behavior to stand out so much, while passing out flyers on Sproul Plaza on the first day of class, that someone thinks “I should call campus security.”

  72. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; and a pound of cure is worth a ton of retribution.

    Monstrous as this whole episode was, the howls of anger and cries for vengeance will not bring back her lost years. Nor will swift justice, no matter how harsh, deter the next insane / evil / psychopathic / schizophrenic / monster.

    In fact, the evolutionarily predictable calls for punishment fall into the same naive category of primate tribal psychology that powers the engines of unrest in the Middle East: “you hurt me, so I’m going to hurt you back, just to teach you a lesson: and the lesson I want you to learn is that if I hit you hard enough you should just give up and stop hitting back.” Any parent of two or more kids knows the futility of this strategy.

    If we want to nip the next monster in the bud we must build a better world, where every child is parented well and socialized toward citizenship, where every sickness is diagnosed and treated, where every human being is more than an animal.

    Rather than dream up ingenious tortures, it might be better to focus your energy on the slavery that goes on every day, on the millions of girls forced into the sex trade due to lack of education or economic opportunity, on education and microlending and doing your bit for the children in your community who without adult role models to learn from could very well become the next generation of sick souls.

    – anon84, Meng Weng Wong

  73. Most people who do their own printing business totally disregard OSHA’s regulations about a safe working environment.

    You misunderstand. OSHA rules are for your employees, and DO NOT APPLY to the owner of a business.

  74. @99, Until we can reliably screen out the monsters from the human, or repair them before they become monsters, all we can do is pick up the pieces and try to do better. Sometimes this involves making sure the monsters don’t have another crack at being monsters.

  75. People have been studying psychopathy for ages: for a recent example see Jim Fallon’s TEDtalk. There is research about empathy, mirror neurons, arousal, brain damage. Where does one draw the line between crazy and evil? That’s what the insanity defense is all about, and I expect this case will explore it.

    In response to Takuan 103: there is a sad irony in saying “it’s okay to treat some people as less than human, as long as they first treated someone else as less than human.” This is the tribal, primate logic that drives endless cycles of interracial hatred: those other guys aren’t really human, you see, so it’s okay to put them down like the animals they are. What made them less than human? Well, see, they once killed some of us. No real human would do that. QED.

    Suppose we find that LSD and toluene can be blamed. Or suppose we find them sane and evil and guilty. Either way suppose we, society, choose to put Philip Garrido and his wife out of their misery like dogs with rabies.

    Would our work be done? Can we close the chapter and move on with a clean conscience, satisfied that the blood sacrifice of the only family she’s known for two decades will somehow guarantee a happy ending and a good life for Jaycee Dugard and her two sister/daughters? Will execution, or life imprisonment, or “rotting in hell”, create the “powerful, heartwarming story” that Garrido promised?

    Not as long as slavery goes on. Even on the day Jaycee Dugard was freed, more people went into slavery than came out of it.

    Stalin knew: A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.

    There are millions of human beings alive today, enduring conditions no better than Jaycee Dugard’s, being deliberately abused by other human beings, who may be sick or evil or simply participants in an economic system, Zimbardo’s basement writ large, to which they, too have surrendered their larger freedom.

    (Zimbardo’s famous prison experiment, summarized in his TEDtalk, shows that evil lurks in every heart; and Milgram and Asch show that it can easily be brought to the surface. See for more.)

    If your reaction to is to say, “oh, dear, that’s simply too awful to think about” then you are no better than those police officers who visited Garrido in 2006 but chose not to look too hard. They had eyes but did not see. By all means, let’s have a notwonderful tag to make it easier to ignore inconvenient truths.

    BoingBoing’s readership, by and large, would rather buy a funny t-shirt with a cartoon robot on it for $20 than donate $10 to an anti-slavery cause. One minute BoingBoing is afire with righteous indignation over serial rape and kidnap. The next, “ooh, shiny! Kids in the Hall!” It can’t be helped; this is how we are. It is easier to ignore the problem than be part of the solution.

    New sites like Fractor will make it easier for people to turn their outrage into action.

    It has been said that the mark of a truly educated person is to be deeply moved by statistics.
    — attributed to George Bernard Shaw

    The mark of a civilized man is the capacity to read a column of numbers and weep.
    — attributed to Bertrand Russell

    What can we do? Can parents make a promise to society that none of their children will grow up a serial rapist, a kidnapper, a murderer?

  76. My problem with called folks monsters, is then it is easy to justify any inhumane treatment of them in your own mind. He has committed monstrous acts, but it does not justify monstrous behavior in return.

  77. if you’re going to hector at least pay attention. I at no time said “less than human”. I did say (in essence) “other than human”. Your own prejudice filled in your blanks.

  78. @105: I have high regard for tigers and admire many of their attributes very much. I do not encourage them to live in my house though. Is an Ebola virus particle a living thing and entitled to the consideration the living deserve? If I were injured by an industrial robot, would I insist on putting the robot on trial? If one day we make contact with extra-terrestrial life, would I assume it had the same motivations as myself? If someone has sustained a major head injury that left them insanely violent, would I be angry at them? Am I wrong to make allowance for the bad behaviour of those brainwashed in childhood? If I preemptively kill that which I know to be both non-human and dangerous, have I sinned? What IS “human”? Is a mere from worthy of worshipful respect? Is a human brain in a jar a “person”? What if that brain ran an enormous fighting machine? Where is the borderline between very bad human behaviour and ordinary behaviour for a monster? Should non-human monsters in human form be expected to be bound by human law?

    Lots to consider, in the meantime I will make judgement of the putative humanity of human shaped things that I meet based on their observed behaviour. Those that do harm without remorse I will deal with as I deal with dangerous animals or runaway machines.

  79. On a side note, Philip Garrido’s claim have invented such a “mind communication” device would have been tossed out due to the existence of Prior Art. See George Meek’s “Spiricom” device:

    Essentially, the claims of this device are as follows: A means and method of communicating with “the dead” by providing an array of carrier frequencies within human audible range, modulated by (???) to produce recognizable speech patterns(similar to Electronic Voice Phenomenon.)

    I have always suspected that this device was actually isolating the subvocalizations of the operator, who fooled himself into believing he was communicating with “the dead”. Not a bad way to achieve Delusion…

    The thought occurred to me that it could also be used as a lie detector.

  80. @107
    I must respectfully say that most of the questions you pose are irrelevant noise. A human is a human and your personal decisions about how to treat one that poses a threat or does harm cannot change that fact.
    How you choose to define an organism’s humanity is up to you I suppose, but I believe it is dangerous to view any physically verifiable human being as something less than that regardless of the threat or actual harm caused.

    Having said that, I see nothing wrong with ending the life of such a human as a response to a threat of harm, but retribution after the fact is, in my opinion pointless and counterproductive.

  81. Where does one draw the line between crazy and evil?

    There would be no need to draw a line, except that there are two separate groups of professionals competing for power and authority — doctors & hospitals vs. cops & prisons — based on the supposed distinction.

    Once upon a time medicine wasn’t considered relevant to crime and punishment. Someday in the future all misbehaviors may be treated as medical problems. It’s really a matter of how the power struggle plays out.

  82. superforestnyc

    Me offering constructive criticism to a site I love and visit everyday is hardly worth your trolling.

    there you go again – telling other people how to run their shit.

  83. what is legally human? If you have a human body and remove the brain altogether and keep the other vital functions of respiration and circulation going by artificial means, and provide intra-venous nourishment: do you have a human being?

    I think not. Now, suppose you could decant neural function incrementally. (suppose, I said) At what point do you have a legal human?

  84. The thing that really makes me LOL is the fact that the “business cards” of the people who “witnessed” his crazy sound thing is totally photoshopped. When he mentioned that they were hard to read because they were “photocopied” he meant “photoshopped”. It’s really cleaver of him to reduce the quality to hide the farce… but not lower the quality on the “business cards”.

  85. I submit that it’d be more constructive to include him in humanity.

    We might be a bit more eager to clean things up – and the species is kind of a mess – if we admit kinship with the dark side. (Normally I suggest that not doing so shows a lack of imagination. In this case I admit I’m having trouble, too.)

    That’s not the same as being ‘nice’, mind.

  86. bloody primates… so in love with your own shape you build gods in it and ignore cuckoos. Your vanity will be the death of you yet. In the meantime, their feast continues.

  87. @ the bastard with nuts,

    As a multiple-rape victim, I resent your implication that I would be better off dead. Yes I am psychologically damaged, but I value my life. I say to you and everyone else, the punishment for rape ought to be less than that for murder. Otherwise, aren’t you mandating victims to kill their rapists, to double their punishment? Or to rapists, to kill their victims?

    Also, understanding causes, as someone mentioned earlier, is the best way to preventing future crimes. Unless perhaps you’d like to tell every ‘first victim’ (by definition the majority) that their suffering is as necessary as their perpetrator’s?

  88. Here’s a video version of the “Garrido Van” leaving the house in Antioch (courtesy Google Street View):

  89. I don’t get the attitude in the post. “Monster”, “May he rot in hell”. It strikes me as quite naive and hateful and I’m surprised to see it here. This guy is not a monster, he is just as human as everyone else but obviously has serious mental health problems. No one deserves to rot it hell. And it certainly won’t help understand and prevent more people like him.

    Also — “His crazy hallucinations about controlling sound…” I think you mean “delusions”.

    But this is a blog. Who cares about being objective?

  90. Phillip Garrido now says that having children with the child he abducted and raped cured him of pedophilia. Blogging under the user name THEMANWHOSPOKEWITHHISMIND, Garrido wrote,

    “This all began by God removing a problem from my shoulders that behavioral scientist believe is not possible to remove. since then my life has seen major improvements allowing me to stand here today a free man.”

    So….all you have to do to cure your pedophilia is to abduct and rape an 11-year old girl. Get it? Being a pedophile will cure you of (wait for it) ….being a pedophile!

    Riiiiiight…that makes perfect sense. And yes, he credits god with curing him for doing this. Apparently the message is that god will reward you for kidnapping and repeatedly raping a child (and, of course, keeping her captive for 18 years).

    What a world.


  91. What’s all this bullshit talk about LSD? Hysteria much?

    The guy was a monster. Monsters are monstrous. He probably drank too, alcohol is considerably more likely to be an aggravating factor than LSD. People do some seriously fucking wicked evil stuff on alcohol. It happens so often it’s not even news. Hell, he might have had bad reactions to too much sugar, who fucking cares. He was a monster, stop with the disaster politics.

    The real crime, the real people who are to blame here, are the American people who continue to be complacent in keeping our mentally handicapped and insane people on the streets. He belonged in a mental ward, not on parole.

    And someone failed to check up on him seriously fucking big time.

  92. If you’d like to take a serious break and see Phil just talking out everything to a cop you should watch this scintillating scotamos video: “Phillip Garrido: The Man Who Spoke With His Mind” – – there is real insight in amongst the gibberish, and all presented in a restrained unbiased tableau.

  93. This man is absolutely INSANE. I can’t comprehend how somebody, a grown man at that, comits a crime as cruel, malicious, and as disgusting as what he did.

    And to top things all off, he strongly believes that his actions were justified and “heart-warming.”

    nd s fr ‘mrcrytrnst,’ wht s yr prblm? Whtvr y hv p yr btt, wll y shld rlly gt tht tkn cr f…t’s nhlthy. bvsly y dn’t tk thr ppl’s flngs nt cnsdrtn, nd y’r hb-vs-lyyy nt prnt bcs f y wr y wld, ys, hv mpthy. nstd ll y ffr hs hrsh crtcsm. My dvc? G fnd srgn t rmv whtvr y hv p yr btt.

    #32 pstd by mrcrytrnst, gst 28, 2009 3:51 PM @15 Mrcl:

    @19 Smnbrsnstr
    > hv kds.
    > t csd m pn t rd bt ths gy.

    “Rlly, y hv kds s y’r sm srt f mgcl mpthy gy? “

  94. Takuan, let me refer you to this neat little article: the mindset your espousing is effectively identical to arguments in favor of torture and abuse of all kinds, and indeed, to many justifications for answering abhorrent behavior with equally abhorrent retribution. Such attitudes -deeming a particular individual inhuman or less than human- is the first step down a slippery slope towards the very things you’ve so vocally and voceferously decried in many a thread here on Boing Boing, be they torture and prisoner abuse, police brutality, or even sentencing standards that excessively punish things that, by rights, should be non-crimes. Denying the humanity in others diminishes your own humanity as well, and is generally a dangerous attitude to adopt

    However monstrous this man’s actions were -and they were, without a doubt- he, himself was a person. A severely mentally ill person, by all appearances, and one who had a pattern of extremely evil behavior, but a person. He will, undoubtedly, be punished far less than he deserves, though; indeed, he must be, for to punish him as fully as his actions truly warrant, we would deminish ourselves and our own humanity.

    As far as the pro-drug soapbox people, please give it a rest. It’s undoubtedly true that this guy had some predisposition to mental illness regardless, but to argue that LSD doesn’t put an enormous physiological stress on one’s brain -more than enough to precipitate any latent predispositions prematurely- is frankly idiotic, and reinforces the notion that most of y’all have no idea how the things you’re putting into your system actually work. Particularly the guy who suggested MDMA as a “safe” alternative to LSD.

  95. no it isn’t. Apart from your patent ignorance about LSD, let us explore your absence of simple logic: (don’t hide now) Define “human”. And do it quickly, I lack patience.

  96. I lack patience.

    That fact is not in dispute. I’m just wondering what all this silly quibbling over Garrido’s putative humanity gets you: what’s your argument? He’s a human being who acted inhumanely, yea, monstrously: so what? Do you have some novel solution to the existential crisis that Garrido’s actions posit? Don’t hide now….

  97. well, that should do it. You come a cropper at the first fence since you cannot answer the simplest of questions (what is human?) because you have never really considered it. Retire, Yrogerg, and return after you have reflected.

  98. The whole google street sequence is creepy. One thing I did notice from google streets and google map satellite is how well and bland he kept the front of the home. The rest of the proprety was wacked filled with sheds, garbage, and tents yet the front of the home and lawn were kept very nicely. Probably to maintain appearances.

    One can also think that his crazy wife was “happy” that she got to live in the house while his “pet” and later his “pet’s puppies” lived outside in squalid conditions. I cannot think that the wife, who helped him kidnap, actually thought of the then-child as a human.

    Couple this with the fact that he may have rented out some of the shacks to illegals and/ or pimped out Dugard to illegals as other news reports (primarily from the UK) said that the neighbor saw all male parties with bonfires and guys goinging in and out of one tent.

  99. We lose a lot by putting any person in a category that can be considered “other than human.” Hitler, Mousilini, Gacy, Jim Jones. These are all human beings. Yes, they committed atrocious, horrific, “monstrous” acts, but they still share the same species as you and I. To consider them a monster or something other than human denies the fact that any human being is capable of such acts; it’s the difference in our thoughts and our actions that separate us all. He believes he is cured of his pedophilia by his actions…you and I can look at such a statement with utter shock and see how absurd it is; he believes it to be normal.

    Yes, what he did was absolutely vile, but he is still a human being like you and I.

    The definition of monster includes “a person who excites horror by wickedness, cruelty, etc.,” sure, but it also includes the word “person,” and the definition of “person” includes the word “human being.” The word “monster” is often used or interpreted in a way that it’s considered mutually exclusive from “human.” That’s not the case.

    Takuan, here’s the definition of human that I’m going by. Anything beyond this is up for debate, I suppose:

      /ˈhyumən or, often, ˈyu‑/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [hyoo-muhn or, often, yoo‑]


    1. A member of the genus Homo and especially of the species H. sapiens.

    Language is powerful and extremely important. Let’s show it some respect.

  100. Language is powerful and extremely important. Let’s show it some respect.

    Damned straight. Now, who decides what is a member of the genus Homo and species Sapiens Sapiens? On what basis? Science works on trial and observation, not wishful thinking.

    Show me now the evidence that there are not two species at least: Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Psychopathis? Why is it impossible that two species have co-evolved and intermingle? And if you say one species is “worth more” than the other, YOU are the one meriting a slap in the face.

  101. take it a step further: once clear genetic evidence of psychopathic personality disorder is established and quantified, why can’t things like Cheney be screened out by having all public officials geno-typed at election time? If most nations adopted it we could have an end to war in one generation. We don’t have to kill them, just lock them up.

  102. @Takuan: So you’re proposing that there are two different species because one group of species, the “Psychopathis” (people such as Garrido), act and presumably think differently from the other group? Even though both species, beyond reasonable doubt, share the same habits and characteristics otherwise? IANAB(iologist), but does this exist anywhere else in the animal, or even plant, kingdom? I’m assuming your need to define another species is based on these factors, so correct me if I’m wrong.

    If we didn’t have a generally defined and acceptable set of social norms, would we have a need to divide the two groups?

    I’m saying one species is worth more than the other. At the same time, I’m not asking for members of the other proposed species to “burn in hell.” Neither are you, just sayin.

    Sure, let us as a society define a new species, where we place crazed lunatics like this guy. For starters, how do we identify them? I could make crude jokes about how such a thing has been done in the past, but I’ll spare that for sake of a serious discussion.

  103. Sub-speciation outside of the genus Homo is increasingly based on genotype as identified through specialization, rather than phenotype based on visual evidence.

    case in point, summer steelhead trout comes to mind.

    I think this supports Tak’s point.

  104. @142 Busydoingnothing, no, it’s not really known to exist. The simplest definition of a species for organisms that reproduce sexually is predicated on the idea that organisms that can reproduce sexually and produce viable offspring are members of the same species. It ends up, in this case, we have evidence of at least half of that, and there’s little reason to believe that this poor young woman’s children are sterile.

    This can be complicated somewhat by the fact that some members of different species may be technically _able_ to interbreed, but occupy different behavioral niches and consequentially, do not. But, as a point of fact, I would say that psychopaths do not broadly have this problem, and are in many contexts better-able to find mates than non-psychopaths- there is certainly enough of a selective force for psychopathic traits that they stay in the gene pool, even though there are plenty of factors that would select against them.

    Of course, very little about this guy points to pure sociopathy as the main issue at hand- there’s pretty clear evidence of delusional behavior, after all, and if I had to guess, I would take a stab at undiagnosed schizphrenia or some other form of psychosis. IANAP(sychologist), but physiological psych was my major area of study back in school, which was more than enough to grasp the basic differences between sociopathy and psychosis*.

    I do also want to say that, as someone who has his own neurological behavioral disorder, this conversation is starting to veer sharply into eugenics territory, which generally creeps me the hell out.

    *Incidentally, it’s also more than enough to have a working understanding of the method of action of both LSD and MDMA and the similarities between those methods-of-action and the onset of schizophrenic psychosis amongst predisposed individuals. So, nice cheap shot about my “patent ignorance about LSD”, but I’m willing to wager I’m a hell of a lot more knowledgable than you on that particular topic.

  105. “neurological behavioral disorder”? hey, quit trying to weasel some minor variance into a compensable disability, “disorder” my ass. As to eugenics, if psychopathy is proven to be biologically explicable, it is the province of psychopaths to propose mass-murder as cure for it. You may dislike a given natural phenomenon, but I just note its existence.

  106. Controlling sound with one’s mind is no big deal. Bio-feedback devices have been available since about the time this creature started dropping acid.

  107. Show me now the evidence that there are not two species at least: Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Psychopathis? Why is it impossible that two species have co-evolved and intermingle?

    Burden of proof is on you since you are the one making the claim that such differences are evidence for reclassification as a different species. None of your links talk about how to classify species or suggest that reclassification is needed in this case. They talk about the genetic component that is linked to such behavior, with some giving opinions that such behavior is more “nature” than “nurture” (you expect good journalism from MSNBC?).

  108. I notice that I tend to be overly calm if I think that people (or person) are over reacting and vice versa. They zig, so I zag.

    I was checking out at the grocery store the other day and the 2 cash register ladys where talking this story saying how horrible it is and of course it is any way you look at it. But the thing is, I just tend to detach myself from these kind of stories anymore and I just wasn’t feeling it. At that point of the conversation I felt pressure to add a “that’s so terrible” or something to the conversation unless I wanted to be considered a possible sociopath or an uncaring jerk so I fell into line. Looking back, what I really would have liked to do is this:

    Massively over react and start yelling with tears in my eyes “That’s so completely awful!!! those monsters need to be locked up!! we should have done more!!! why!! why!!!!! – then knocked some of the displays over and then just run out of the store weeping loudly leaving my groceries behind.

    Why does everyone act suprised when these stories? – It makes me think of the saying “virtue is its own reward” and I agree that it is – ‘cuz then you get to feel smug about it.

  109. yes, the burden of proof is on my side. But in order for proof to be sought, the hypothesis must first be proposed. My posing the preliminary question in no way invalidates the possibility.

  110. Freetard, I don’t know about the national sex-offender database, but our state database in Texas gives you some extra info that helps you know the difference between the “peeing in public” sex offenders and the real ones.

    When I started getting really creepy letters from a neighbor a few years ago I searched the database for hits on my street. Sure enough, the guy was a Level 3 sex offender (considered unable to be rehabilitated) and it said he had served time for aggravated sexual assault of a 19 yr old female. I found that information EXTREMELY helpful. I subsequently moved. I look him up every now and then just to know where he is. Turns out he’s back in jail for attempted sexual assault. It probably would’ve been me if I hadn’t checked that database.

  111. Phillip Garrido? What in the heck is the matter with this psychopath? Is he some damn moron? You have to wonder what goes on inside the brain of a sicko like this!
    How on Earth could a monster like this remorselessly grab an innocent 11-year old girl off the street and make her into his own personal sex slave? How can he allow her, not to mention his own daughters that he fathered with her, to live in such a hellish prison?
    It’s guys like this that make good, hard-working decent men like me look bad. And now I fear for my own daughter’s life everytime I think of Jaycee. I am so happy that Jaycee is back with her family. And I hope Phillip Garrido gets his nuts chopped off!
    Eighteen years! EIGHTEEN YEARS! It makes my stomach queasy to say that! I mean, it’s sad when it’s 5 years like Shawn Hornbeck or 9 months like Elizabeth Smart. But eighteen YEARS?????
    In her imprisonment, Jaycee missed the rise of the internet, Y2K, the Oklahoma City bombing, the bombing of the world trade center, Hurricane Katrina, three presidential elections, and a whole war-Operation Iraqi Freedom.
    I am a man about Jaycee’s age. I turn 30 in a few months, and I am so pissed off that men out there like Garrido exist and ruin an innocent young lady’s life.
    My prayres go out to Jaycee and her family. And I hope that Jaycee can bo back to a little normalcy, and that her daughters start learning normalcy.
    ROT IN HELL GARRIDO! And your wife Nancy too!

  112. Hitler was a vegetarian and look how crazy he was. There really is no need to look for a scape goat such as his drug taking, though most of those drugs have been known to open the doors to schizophrenia, psychosis, he will likely be doing the same, claiming it as his scape goat. How many countless people out there would be happy to get off scott-free by making such claims. People have to be held accountable for their actions whether on drugs or not.

  113. Why have police not captured the men who were visiting
    the backyard during her ordeal? It cannot be that hard
    to find them.

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