Whistleblower claims Tesla doesn't even follow its own safety guidelines

A former Tesla employee who leaked 100GB of internal data exposing safety concerns claims the self-driving technology is a science experiment conducted on the public.

In an interview with the BBC, Lukasz Krupski explained why he felt the need to expose Tesla's failure to regard human life with the respect he felt it deserved. Having seen and heard complaints from customers and other employees, and his attempts to bring attention to the dangers were ignored internally, Krupski felt he had no other recourse than to take data public that showed the company wasn't following its safety guidelines.


"I don't think the hardware is ready and the software is ready," he said.

"It affects all of us because we are essentially experiments in public roads. So even if you don't have a Tesla, your children still walk in the footpath."

Mr Krupski said he had found evidence in company data which suggested that requirements relating to the safe operation of vehicles that had a certain level of autonomous or assistive-driving technology had not been followed.

He added that even Tesla employees had spoken to him about vehicles randomly braking in response to non-existent obstacles – known as "phantom braking". This also came up in the data he obtained around customer complaints.